Tuesday, May 31, 2005

PrayerWalk Journal

A note in case anyone is following my process on walking.

I have been walking everyday, just not regularly at 6 a.m. My journal has been done on hard copy over the last few days due to time restraints and other commitments. I hope to be writing more online of my daily adventures with prayer and walking my community in the days ahead.

Today, my prayer heart was awakened while driving. An elderly man was standing by the freeway, holding on to a railing bar with one hand and his oxygen tank with the other. I had no way of getting to him, I was on the other side of the road going a different direction. My only resource for helping was to ask God to send someone to check if he was okay and to give him strength to carry on with his walk. I felt helpless on the physical realm to help this man, but I know God heard my prayer.

May the Lord answer you when you are in distress; may the name of the God of Jacob protect you. May he send you help from the sanctuary and grant to you support. Psalms 20:1-2

We do not need to just walk or be on our knees to pray, we can pray anywhere, doing anything, at anytime. We have an awesome God who hears our prayers and asks us to pray unceasing. We just need to do our part, which I must admit, I do get my mind focused on trivial things, rather then heavenly ones.

Thank You Father for Your promises and for hearing my prayers, be with that elderly man today, surround him with heavenly hosts to guide and protect. Forgive me when my mind is focused on things of this world. Help me to have a mind that is constantly in a state of uncreasing prayer. God, this is not possible without the help of Your Holy Spirit. Thank you that You are transforming me daily and thank You for drawing me back into prayer. In Jesus name. Amen.

Prayer Walking

Prayer Walking by Steve Hawthorne and Graham Kendrick was this weeks must read. Most books on prayer can be rather boring. Prayer-walking, Praying on Site with Insight, had my attention all the way through. I recommend this book for anyone interested in prayer walking, a coordinator of prayer, or other church ministries who want to have ideas on how to organize a prayer walk. It has great insights with a few thought provoking chapters. You can find an outline of starting a prayer walk and other thoughts on this topic at waymakers.com.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Morning Hugs

Early Morning Prayer

In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice;
in the morning I lay my requests before you
and wait in expectation. Psalm 5:3

Punky-G had a sleepover at our home this weekend. Waking up brings much joy to my heart. She loves to be hugged and sung to as she starts to awake. What a wonderful way to wake up, being loved by another and hugged.

Our Father in heaven also loves to sing over us with love and heavenly hugs first thing in the morning. When our focus is seeking Him first, he will hear our prayers.

Little children's morning hugs do bring joy to an adult heart.

Saturday, May 28, 2005


Over on porcupine's predicament I wrote yesterday of how it was nice to have a break, but knowing my life it would not last for long. Life does throw us circumstances in which we need to make the choice of what colour we will choose. Today, my sister phoned to tell me she had a lump removed from behind her ear and it was cancerous. She was so sweet and optimistic. She was choosing joy. I have not found out what kind of lymphoma she has, if it is hodgkin's or non-hodgkin's, here is were the adventure starts. She will be going for many more test as her doctor informed her, she will be a full time patient for awhile. My sister does not know Christ. I ask prayer for her whole healing and that she will come to know Jesus. I am not sure how to feel about all of this, but one thing I do know, is that God knows all. I am thankful to have had a three day visit with her and to share some sister love.

Please pray for my sister Tammy and her family as she begins the healing process.

Now I am crying, thank goodness God holds our tears.

Birth mom to little man David is not happy about were her son is living and how he is being cared for. Please pray for this young women in her little baby who needs a mothers love. My heart breaks for this baby. During my prayer walks this topic has been coming up daily as I interceed.

Blumhardts Prayer May 28

You are all children of light, children of day; we do not belong to night or darkness. So then we must not sleep as others do; we should be awake and sober. 1 Thessalonians 5:5–6

Dear Father in heaven, we thank you that we may be your children. We thank you that through your Spirit our hearts may know that we are your children. Even when everything around us becomes difficult and we are hemmed in by darkness, we remain your children. Even when we often do not see how we are to go on and everything seems to be taken from us, we remain your children. Even when sin and death surround us and accuse us of being in the wrong, we still remain your children. As your children we entrust ourselves to your hands. In our whole life, in all our work and activity, we dwell in what has come from you, and we rejoice in Christ our Savior. Amen.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Colours of Joy

Spring Blossom

I was asked the other day what the colour of joy would look like or what shade would it be. I love questions, they help me to ponder my thoughts more deeply. Joy to me would be how much of God's light is exposing the dark places in my heart. The more light, the more of God's joy that is able to be seen. Painting my heart with joy has been a long journey and an interesting one. I have come to a new season were the walls of my heart are having a fresh coat applied.


Colouring my heart with joy.

What is joy? A choice.
What colour is it? Contentment and trust.
How to you receive it? Spending time with God.

God is repainting the walls of my heart with a deeper shade of Joy.

Daily we have a choice of what colour we will paint our daily life. Will it be with darkness, following the ways of the world? Or will it be with joy, following the way of Christ light? Daily the choice is ours on what colour we will choose.

What colour do you paint your life?

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Chief

A Picture of the Chief

As I mentioned in a earlier post, my sisters kitchen french doors, open up to the beauty of the chief. Squamish is a very beautiful place. It is about an hours drive from Whistler to the north, and Vancouver to the south, both cities are sponsoring the 2010 Olympic games.

PrayerWalk Journal

After going away for a few days I find getting back into routine arduous. Finally I am able to have a few minutes to write. Rain was pouring down and the thought of walking in dampness was not appealing at 5:30 a.m. Snuggling in my blankets and listening to the showers was more comforting. Discipline...Well, that will need to be work on.

Every morning I drive my teens to school, the road we travel on has two high schools located near each other. The thought came today, since you did not walk and pray for your neighborhood why not pray for the schools, teens, teachers, and parents as you drive. I asked God to open my eyes to the needs and grant to me prayers for what is revealed, (when you ask God, He is always faithful, if we have a willing heart). Today, there were many students and teachers who touched my prayer heart.

Over the years of searching the net for good teaching on prayer, I found this website by Dr. Kevin Meador. For those who like to use prayer guides as a tool to start them in prayer, I recommend going and checking out the prayer closet, (click on PrayerWalk Journal and it will take you to the webpage.)


Praying For Your School

The following is a prayer guide to help you intercede for your school. Parents, teachers, and students can use it to pray for their school. Churches can use it to intercede for the school systems around them. In order to cover a school in prayer, you must intercede for three groups: the students, the teachers, and the parents. You can use these prayers or develop your own from them. In order to use the prayers, place the name of your school in the blank and then plead the truth before God.

Praying For The Students

Father, I pray that the lost students of ___________________ will surrender to Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of their lives. Show them their lostness and their need of Jesus. Have mercy on them and saved them through Your Son, Jesus Christ (John 3:1-16; John 6:44; Matthew 11:28).

Father, I ask that the believing students of __________________ will exercise a powerful and righteous influence in the school. Empower them to live holy and obedient lives before their lost friends and teachers. Remove anything from their lives that might hinder their testimony (Matthew 5:13-16; 1 Peter 2:11-12, 3:15-16).

Father, I plead that the believing students of ____________________ would be powerful witnesses for the Lord Jesus Christ. Fill them with the Holy Spirit so that they can speak boldly about who Jesus is and what Jesus can do (Matthew 28:19-20; Acts 1:8).

Father, grant the believing students of ____________________ strength and courage when they are persecuted for their faith. Enable them to stand strong in Christ the Lord (2 Timothy 3:10-12).

Father, protect the believing students of _____________________ from evil, worldly influences. Give them the power and courage to say “NO!” to sinful peer pressure. Grant them the discernment to see through the empty and foolish values, ideas, and behavior of the world that is in rebellion against You (Proverbs 1:10-19; 1 Corinthians 15:32; 2 Corinthians 6:14-7:1; 1 John 2:15-17).

Father, I plead that the students of ____________________ will have a hunger for learning. Enable them to use their ability to think and learn (Genesis 1:28; 1 Samuel 2:10; Job 12:13).

Father, deliver the students of __________________ from laziness. I ask that laziness would be destroyed from their lives and that they would study and work with diligence and intensity (Proverbs 6:6-11, 10:4-5, 10:26, 12:24, 13:4, 15:19, 19:15, 19:24, 20:4, 24:30-34).

Father, I pray that the students of ____________________ would diligently prepare themselves during this time. Help them make the most of this time in their lives (Ecclesiastes 2:2, 3:1-8, 22).

Father, I ask that the students of __________________ will develop healthy relationships with others. Teach them how to relate to others with compassion, respect, and understanding. Set them free from developing unhealthy relationships with the opposite sex (Exodus 20:12-17; Leviticus 19:18; Matthew 22:39; Ephesians 4:32).

Father, I plead that the students of _____________________ will have good relationships with the teachers and the administration. Grant that the students will have respect for their teachers and the administration that are in authority over them. Let their strong, working relationships among these groups (Romans 13:1, 7; 1 Peter 2:13-14).

Father, I plead in the name of Jesus that You will grant a spirit of purity among the students of _________________. I pray that You would deliver them from immoral talk and actions. Show them the evil and the rebellion of sexual immorality. Grant them healthy and pure relationships with members of the opposite sex. Convict those that are sexually active and lead them to seek Your forgiveness and help and then abstain from sex until marriage. Strengthen and encourage those who are virgins to continue in this until marriage (1 Thessalonians 4:3-5; Hebrews 13:4).

Father, I pray in the name of Jesus that Satan’s schemes for the students of _______________ will be destroyed. I plead that he will be bound and that he will not work powerfully among the students. Render his malicious and destructive plans totally ineffective (1 Peter 5:8-9; James 5:16).

Father, I ask for a powerful and deep work of the Holy Spirit among the students of _________________. I plead that He will do a powerful and gracious work in their hearts. Holy Spirit, release Your power in this school and meet the particular spiritual needs of the students (John 16:7-11; 2 Chronicles 7:14; Psalm 42:1-2).

Praying For The Teachers

Father, I plead that the unsaved teachers of __________________ would enter into a personal relationship with You through the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that they would turn from their sin to Jesus in genuine faith (John 3:15-18, 6:44; Acts 4:12, 17:30-31).

Father, I ask that the believing teachers of ______________________ would exercise a powerful and righteous influence among the students and teachers. Empower them to live holy lives and minister to the students and other teachers (Proverbs 28:1; Matthew 5:13-16).

Father, I pray that You would empower the teachers of _________________ to be powerful witnesses of the Lord Jesus Christ. Grant them the wisdom to know how and when to share their faith. Protect and defend them as they share their faith (Matthew 28:19-20; Acts 1:8, 4:31).

Father, grant the teachers of ____________________ with a heart for truth. I pray that they would love truth and then teach it to the students. Deliver them from false and foolish ideologies. Let them set the example of seeking after and learning truth (Proverbs 22:17; John 18:38).
Father, bless the teachers of __________________ with the wisdom to know how to teach the students and how to deal with them. Grant them the wisdom that they need to train, encourage, and discipline the students (Proverbs 2:6; James 1:5).

Father, I ask that the teachers of ____________________ will know how to deal with problem students. Grant them the wisdom, insight, and compassion to help these students (Proverbs 22:15).

Father, provide the teachers of ____________________ with the wisdom, insight, and compassion that they need to deal with the parents of the students (Matthew 22:39-40).

Father, I plead that the teachers of _______________________ would be strengthened to cope with the pressure and demands of their lives. Pour out Your grace and kindness on them. Bless them in every aspect of their lives—physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and financially (2 Samuel 22:3; Psalm 18:1, 73:26; Isaiah 40:29; Jeremiah 16:19).

Father, protect the teachers of _____________________ from discouragement. Empower them to excel in the face of discouraging situations. Grant them a spirit of perseverance in spite of the problems (Philippians 4:13).

Father, I ask You to bless the personal lives of the teachers at ______________________. Bless them with good and perfect gifts. Help them with their personal problems and struggles (Psalm 103:1-5; James 1:17).

Father, reveal to the teachers of __________________ the seriousness of their responsibility. Show them that they are influencing a generation of people. Cause them to see that they will give an accounting to God for what they taught and how they taught (Ecclesiastes 12:14).

Father, bless the believing teachers of _____________________ with a spirit of prayer. Enable them to saturate their work and their students with prayer on a daily basis (Colossians 4:2).

Praying For The Parents

Father, I plead in the name of Jesus that the unsaved parents of ____________________ would surrender their lives to Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. I ask that the Holy Spirit would convict them and draw them to Jesus in faith and repentance (John 3:15-18, 6:44).

Father, I ask that the believing parents of _______________________ will be growing in their relationship to God. Do this so that they can train godly children (John 8:31-32; 1 Peter 3:1-2).

Father, I pray that the believing parents of ______________________ will exercise a powerful and righteous influence (Proverbs 28:1; Matthew 5:13-16).

Father, I ask that the parents of ________________________ would be genuinely interested in their children and their education. Cause them to take an active role in their children’s lives (Ephesians 6:4).

Father, grant good working relationships between the parents and the teachers of ____________________. I ask the parents would have respect and support for the teachers and the administration (Romans 13:1).

Father, I plead that the parents of _______________________ will create an atmosphere at home that will help the children learn and grow. I pray that the parents will take the initiative to teach and train the children at home (Deuteronomy 6:6-7).

Father, I ask that the parents of ______________________ would exercise discipline at home. I ask that they will determine in their hearts to love and discipline their children. Grant them the wisdom, patience, insight, and love to do this (Proverbs 22:15).

Father, grant the believing parents of _____________________ a spirit of prayer for the administrators, teachers, and students of ______________________. I plead that they will cover and saturate _________________ with prayer (Colossians 4:2).

Father, give the parents of ___________________ a burden concerning the seriousness of their responsibility. I ask that they will recognize their staggering responsibility and will respond with diligence and determination in raising their children (Psalm 127:3-5).

Father, I pray that the parents of _____________________ will be sensitive and wise concerning the needs of their children. Help them to recognize their needs and problems and grant them the wisdom, patience, power, and love to deal with these things (Ephesians 6:4).

Father, I plead that You would bless the parents of ___________________ with the strength and power to cope with the pressure and demands of raising a child. Grant them wisdom to raise their children. Pour out on them the patience and persistence in the face of the needs and problems of their children. Bless them with what they need to carry out this rigorous and demanding responsibility (2 Samuel 22:3; Psalm 18:1).

Dr. Kevin Meador © 2001

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Thursday Morning Looking at the Chief

Yesterday was a wonderful day! My sister and I had a full day of enjoying each other. Squamish, is located on the coast, an hours drive from West Vancouver. God has blessed this country with beauty and majesty. My sister thought it would be awesome to climb the chief together, as I write I am looking at the face of the mountain . Now you need to understand the chief draws mountain climbers from all over the world to face her challenges. The sign at the beginning of the walk read: "This is not walk in the park, not recommended for the weak at heart". "No problem," I said to my sister , "I walk all the time I can do it...!" Robin the prairie girl who walks flat paths with no hills, thinks she can tackle the chief. Sheepishly, I confess, I was one of the weak hearted or perhaps weak in the knees is more acuate. I made it a third of the way and knew I was pushing it, there were no reprieves just straight up. It was like being on a stairclimber that was set on the highest incline. My sister and her friend Angie were kind and new I had to give in to the chief. Down we went, no victory of standing on the top for this prairie girl. Going down a mountain was even harder then climbing up. Even though I never reached the top, the view over the ocean was still magnificent and the inside beauty of the forest, full of trees, waterfall, and rocks, was just as interesting.

For the little bit of climbing I did participate in, it made me aware of muscles that have not been used in a while. My knees are sore today, and I now have a idea of how Tamara feels with her right leg. I am very thankful to be here on the coast with my family, God really does give us good gifts.

"Cause me to hear Your loving kindness in the morning, for in You do I trust; cause me to know the way in which I should walk, for I lift up my soul to You." Psalm 143:8

My father in-law was very mellow during our travels yesterday, he was having a hard time with all the new scenery and overwhelming amounts of people at the airport, but I know he will have a wonderful time with His daughter. She was very happy to see him (he started to cry, and will enjoy introducing him to her friends, (he won't remember).

Father God, thank you that you are leading me daily down the path you have chosen, as the psalmist prayed, I too ask cause me to hear your loving kindness each day and to trust You with all of my heart. I too lift my soul to You, and thank you for all of the good gifts You give. Thank you for my family here in Vancouver and my family I left on the Prairies. Draw all of our hearts to You Lord that all of us will know Your great love. It is awesome to me that You have called me to be Your child and have commissioned me to tell of Your great love for all...


p.s. My sister has a new imac with a cool flat screen.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Be Back on Sunday

Tomorrow morning my father-in-law and I fly to Vancouver. He has no short term memory, and is hard of hearing, but even with the disabilities, all will go well. He is visiting his daughter, and I will be visiting my sister. PrayerWalking over the next four days, will be done on the coast of B.C. Until Sunday, have a wonderful week. Please pray for safe travel.


P.S I usually take a whole bag of books when I travel. Well, not this time. All books, except my bible, journal, and one devotional, are staying home! Life needs to be simple with no nagging to do's, visiting with family is priority.

The Power of Corporate Intercession

The Power of Corporate Intercession

“There are certain challenges in the spirit realm that can only be accomplished through corporate intercession. Corporate intercession, as seen in Scripture and throughout history, should be a normal, powerful functioning part of our church service… If prayer intercession has the power to ruin Satan’s worst strategies - to destroy his principalities and powers regionally, bring national revival, heal the land and release the supernatural - surely it must be an integral and important part of our corporate gatherings.”

Dear Intercessors,

There is tremendous power in corporate intercession that most of the Church has not yet grasped. We believe in our minds that corporate intercession is important, but we do not yet fully comprehend the vast amount of spiritual power that is released in a corporate gathering of united intercession. It is beyond our wildest imagination. Prayer, and especially corporate prayer, is the greatest force in the universe. It releases the anointing and power of God in the affairs of man on earth in a tremendous way. The demonic forces tremble at the thought of the Church worldwide arising in corporate intercession. If we study the early church, we can see that they knew the power of corporate intercession. They saw God’s power manifested on earth, they were filled with His spirit, and they spoke God’s word boldly. What was the result? They saw many saved even in a single day.

“After they had prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly” (Acts 4:31).

The reason I believe that we as the Church have not grabbed hold of the potential of a corporate prayer event is because we are not doing it. We are not laying aside our differences or our busy plans and activities in order to participate in such an empowering event. We are often caught by the enemy and entrapped in everyday life, and can be missing the greatness of our destiny, the enormity of our task and the high calling of God at the end of the ages. Prayer, corporate prayer, is on God’s agenda for the church at this hour. I mention this because on Sunday, May 15th, there will be a World Day of Prayer.

“On May 15, millions of people will gather around the world for the Global Day of Prayer - a time to humble themselves, repent and pray for transformation of the world.”

Do you realize the importance of this day for the Church worldwide?

Have you planned it in your schedule to somehow lay aside time next Sunday to be involved in some form of corporate prayer whether it be in a small group prayer meeting in your church or a citywide prayer gathering? If the Church worldwide stands up on this day and together says,
“Yes, I am including myself with my brothers and sisters worldwide to stand in prayer together for God’s glory and the furtherance of the Gospel worldwide”, imagine what the results could be. What could God do in answer to corporate worldwide prayer and unity in the body of Christ? If one can chase a thousand and two can put ten thousand to flight, what would a worldwide stand in righteousness, repentance and prayer do? Can you figure out the mathematics in the spiritual realm? Every person counts in a great way. Even the weakest Christian on his knees sends the enemy trembling. I encourage you to get together with those in your church or city to pray on May 15th.

“The first church was a church militant, a church living on her knees! Her witness was dynamic, and her prevailing prayer conquered even the proud legions of Rome.”

The Example of the Korean Church

"One of the most important ministries of the Full Gospel Central Church is the prayer in unison we have during every service. We always open our services with everyone praying together at the same time. We pray for the salvation of our nation… We also pray for our leaders… We pray in unison for the thousands of request that come to us… We especially pray for the worldwide revival. When I hear my people praising, it sounds like a forceful roar of a mighty waterfall. We know God must hear the sincerity of our prayer because we are praying in unison and unity. As we pray together the power of God is manifested in our midst. Many have been healed, delivered and filled with the Holy Spirit as we have united in prayer.”

Paul Yonggi Cho from Korea has one of the largest churches in the world. He describes corporate intercession as the key ministry of the church. I had the wonderful privilege of spending several months in Korea where I was able to visit six cities. I was personally blessed and impressed by the strong emphasis on prayer and intercession in the Korean church nationally. Everywhere I went, I saw the strong prayer lives of the Koreans. They are a national church that truly understands the power of corporate intercession. They are seeing the fruit of their corporate prayer, not only in their own nation but throughout the entire world. Below are some reasons why God is enlarging the Korean church.

· Early morning prayer - Thousands of believers throughout Korea pray 365 days a year from 4:00-5:00 AM and 5:00-6:00 PM.

· Friday all night prayer meetings - In most Korean churches there are Friday all night prayer meetings from 10:00 Friday evening until Saturday morning.

· Prayer mountains - More than 200 churches in Korea have prayer mountains where 1000’s are involved in prayer and fasting.

Together in the Harvest,

Debbie Przybylski

Intercessors Arise

I have been receiving these teachings on prayers for several month's, I find them very informative and the topics help me to focus on different aspects of prayer. Thank you Debbie for permission to post the teaching's on my blog.

PrayerWalk Journal

Confession time, "I did not make it for my morning walk."

A young friend, phoned me during the early morning hours to take her to emergency. Well, what a great place to have a prayer journey! In emergency, half asleep, from 12:30 a.m until 4:00 a.m. You do see and experience some interesting things while visiting the emergency room durning these hours.

A women I will name, Renee, needs prayer for loniness of heart and being hungry. I noticed many lonely people who really do need Jesus.

Some verses on Hungering for God:

"And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions." Joel 2:28

"Blessed are those who hunger and thrist for righteousness, for they will be filled." Matt. 5:6

"As a deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God." Psalm 42:1

"Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double minded." James 4:8

"Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." James 4:7

"Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you." 2 Thess. 3:1


Father there are many lonely and hungry people in this world. They have lost their way to knowing you. I ask pour out Your spirit upon this world, turning hearts back towards you. Father have mercy on the lonely and hungry...Amen.

Globoal Day of Prayer, May 15, 2005

The Global Day of Prayer on May 15, 2005

This will be a unique opportunity for Christians worldwide to be part of a day of prayer uniting Christians around the world. Please log on to www.globaldayofprayer.com for more information. Check out the Global Day of Prayer Teleconference from www.GreaterCalling.org.

”A national prayer movement that began in South Africa in 2001, involving 45,000 people, and spread to every country on the continent of Africa in 2004, involving 22 million people, will culminate on Pentecost Sunday, May 15, 2005 in the Global Day of Prayer, involving a projected 200 million people around the world. The plan is to start praying as the sun rises in the East (New Zealand) across the different time zones until the sun sets in the West (USA). With the book of Acts as the model, the vision is to reveal God s glory on earth by mobilizing millions of Christians in every nation to pray with one voice culminating on one day, to ask God to bless the nations of the earth. Then, collaborating as one Body, proceed to be the instruments through which God answers these prayers.”

“The failure of the church today is the failure to engage in prayer intercession. The motor of this great ship called ‘the Church’ is corporate prayer. When the Church gathers, she should pray together in one accord, with one voice. When we, as God’s people, elevate and return prayer intercession to its rightful place, the Church will function as it is built to, with grace and power. Prayer is the power that unlocks the door of God’s treasure house… The Church’s ultimate effectiveness will be determined by its corporate prayer life.” Quotes by Frank Damazio

Monday, May 09, 2005

PrayerWalk Journal

Okay, today is the official first post concerning my time of prayer and walking. Janet Holm McHenry talks about having a personal trainer for this time, and His name is...ya...you got it..."Jesus." The first request I made before even leaving my front door was,"Lord, help me to have a heart ready to hear, eyes to see the needs, a heart to worship."

I really did not want to leave my warm home, my cozy bed, to enter the crisp air of this Spring morning. Everytime I am obedient to push myself out the door, I arrive back home full of life, energy, and a renewed spirit.

Here is a verse that flooded my soul as I walked through my neighborhood: "The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you he will quiet you with his love and he will rejoice over you with singing." Zephaniah 3:17

The fitness tip that came was,"shoulders back, stomach in, head straight...no slouching!" I am going to my walking class today, considering this, my walk was more for walking up with Jesus and stretching, then aerobic.

God answered last weeks prayer, there were no crows, only the lovely sounds of the song birds singing in the crisp morning air. I was greeted by many robins today. I have never seen this many on prairies, growing up in B.C, robins were always around, but not here. One even flew past me singing his early morning song. "Thank you Lord, for showing Your love in the morning hours. Thank You that You are always with me, singing over me."

My prayer is that many in my city will wake up and praise God for this wonderful sunny May day and those who do not know Him will ask many questions of why? I pray God will guard my heart and tongue helping me through whatever this day may bring.

Time to wake up my teens, and get ready for my walking class. Until tomorrow... Have a wonderful day learning more about our personal trainer Jesus.

Sunday, May 08, 2005


Please continue to pray for my friend, "Little Man David". He is living with his birth father, who is being unreasonal to birth mom on visitation. When birth mom goes to visit David, she needs prayer that God's grace will surround her. She wants only what is best for her son, strife and discord are not her desire. Pray some sort of arrangement will be worked out that is good for both parents, and my friend, "Little Man David". My heart is very sad concerning this situation.

"Little Man David," is heavy on my heart, and tears are falling. I found this poem that seems to fit what my heart feels. Sin really does affect not only individuals, but families and communities.

i used to see

i used to see
angels teardrops falling down on me

my heart and eyes were taken astray
please my angel don't go away

i realize how alone i am
since my parents left the plan

you put a rose on my side
it's a straw and makes the day more bright

please god make me see again
so the teardrops don't fall in vain

©2002 AEM


This stanza stands alone:

i realize how alone i am
since my parents left the plan


Janet Holm McHenry


I was talking to a close friend earlier who asked me to explain the meaning or reasons why I started my community of blogs. I do believe, I need to give some explanation. Porcupine Predicament is focused on community and building relationships, Potpourri for Thought was created to be store house to creative ideas and thoughts, then Walking with Yeshua was created to be home to my journey in prayer walking. I would have called this weblog Walking with Jesus, but first it sounded to ordinary, and second the title was already in use. The very first question on this blog was why did I used both Jesus and Yeshua interchangeably, well this is a reason number one.

I have been prayer walking for over seven years, well actually longer, but prayer walking was not the title given at the time, just plan praying was what I did, while I walked. My friend has suggested that I journal some of my thoughts on prayerwalking on this website. I told her that is why walking with Yeshua was created. I have been a little side tracked with all that has happened in our family over the last month.

I am teaching a class on prayer walking in July, this blog will be a great place to keep my ideas and share them with my friends. When I started gathering resources I came upon two simple, but very encouraging and informative books on prayerwalking,(Daily PrayWalk - Meditations for a Deeper Prayer Life, and PrayerWalk - Becoming a Women of Prayer, Strength, and Discipline). Janet Holm McHenry, has done a wonderful job of inspiring and informing the reader on being a multi-tasker, while praying and walking. I encourage you to check out her web page and the page of her bio.

Tomorrow, I will start posting more of my thoughts and process as I continue this walk with my personal trainer, Jesus.

Lest Thou Forget

Lest Thou Forget

Lest thou forget in the years beween
The beautiful things thine eyes have seen:
The light of the sun and the silver sheen
Of cobwebs over a field of green...

The birth of love on a destined day
When blossomed the first sweet flowers of May
And sunlight flooded the wistful way;

The vows we took and the prayers we said
When the urge of love to the altars led
And the mystical marriage rites were read;

The sacrament scenes of death and birth;
The tragedies testing human worth--
These are the timeless things of earth!

Reverence, worship, and love and prayer,
Kneeling alone at the altar stair,
Hearing the Infinite whisper there.

William L. Stidger (1885-1949)

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Morning Prayer in Bed


Picture from: www.bruderhof.com.

I love mornings that I lay in bed in pray. What a great and loving way to wake up, praying to my God.

During devotions I was reading from Psalm 4:4-5

In your anger do not sin;
when you are on your beds
search your hearts and be silent.
Offer right sacrifices
and trust in the Lord.

Thank You Lord, for the truth and guidance that comes from Your word.