Sunday, May 08, 2005

Lest Thou Forget

Lest Thou Forget

Lest thou forget in the years beween
The beautiful things thine eyes have seen:
The light of the sun and the silver sheen
Of cobwebs over a field of green...

The birth of love on a destined day
When blossomed the first sweet flowers of May
And sunlight flooded the wistful way;

The vows we took and the prayers we said
When the urge of love to the altars led
And the mystical marriage rites were read;

The sacrament scenes of death and birth;
The tragedies testing human worth--
These are the timeless things of earth!

Reverence, worship, and love and prayer,
Kneeling alone at the altar stair,
Hearing the Infinite whisper there.

William L. Stidger (1885-1949)

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