Sunday, May 08, 2005


Janet Holm McHenry

I was talking to a close friend earlier who asked me to explain the meaning or reasons why I started my community of blogs. I do believe, I need to give some explanation. Porcupine Predicament is focused on community and building relationships, Potpourri for Thought was created to be store house to creative ideas and thoughts, then Walking with Yeshua was created to be home to my journey in prayer walking. I would have called this weblog Walking with Jesus, but first it sounded to ordinary, and second the title was already in use. The very first question on this blog was why did I used both Jesus and Yeshua interchangeably, well this is a reason number one.

I have been prayer walking for over seven years, well actually longer, but prayer walking was not the title given at the time, just plan praying was what I did, while I walked. My friend has suggested that I journal some of my thoughts on prayerwalking on this website. I told her that is why walking with Yeshua was created. I have been a little side tracked with all that has happened in our family over the last month.

I am teaching a class on prayer walking in July, this blog will be a great place to keep my ideas and share them with my friends. When I started gathering resources I came upon two simple, but very encouraging and informative books on prayerwalking,(Daily PrayWalk - Meditations for a Deeper Prayer Life, and PrayerWalk - Becoming a Women of Prayer, Strength, and Discipline). Janet Holm McHenry, has done a wonderful job of inspiring and informing the reader on being a multi-tasker, while praying and walking. I encourage you to check out her web page and the page of her bio.

Tomorrow, I will start posting more of my thoughts and process as I continue this walk with my personal trainer, Jesus.

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