Sunday, May 08, 2005


Please continue to pray for my friend, "Little Man David". He is living with his birth father, who is being unreasonal to birth mom on visitation. When birth mom goes to visit David, she needs prayer that God's grace will surround her. She wants only what is best for her son, strife and discord are not her desire. Pray some sort of arrangement will be worked out that is good for both parents, and my friend, "Little Man David". My heart is very sad concerning this situation.

"Little Man David," is heavy on my heart, and tears are falling. I found this poem that seems to fit what my heart feels. Sin really does affect not only individuals, but families and communities.

i used to see

i used to see
angels teardrops falling down on me

my heart and eyes were taken astray
please my angel don't go away

i realize how alone i am
since my parents left the plan

you put a rose on my side
it's a straw and makes the day more bright

please god make me see again
so the teardrops don't fall in vain

©2002 AEM

This stanza stands alone:

i realize how alone i am
since my parents left the plan

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