Friday, May 27, 2005

Colours of Joy

Spring Blossom

I was asked the other day what the colour of joy would look like or what shade would it be. I love questions, they help me to ponder my thoughts more deeply. Joy to me would be how much of God's light is exposing the dark places in my heart. The more light, the more of God's joy that is able to be seen. Painting my heart with joy has been a long journey and an interesting one. I have come to a new season were the walls of my heart are having a fresh coat applied.


Colouring my heart with joy.

What is joy? A choice.
What colour is it? Contentment and trust.
How to you receive it? Spending time with God.

God is repainting the walls of my heart with a deeper shade of Joy.

Daily we have a choice of what colour we will paint our daily life. Will it be with darkness, following the ways of the world? Or will it be with joy, following the way of Christ light? Daily the choice is ours on what colour we will choose.

What colour do you paint your life?

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