Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Impact of a Single Event

On Saturday September 26, before leaving for our journey to B.C, Canada, I decided to purchase a novel to read while on this current road trip. My first choice was, The Red Tent, by Anita Diamant. As I wondered the aisles in Chapter's Indigo, I found another book titled, The Impact of a Single Event, by R.L. Prendergast. I had never heard of this book until I picked it up in the book store.

What caught my imagination was the fact that the book is both historical and a personal story that takes place in different cities across Canada, then off to India, and back to the Canadian Rockies. Since, I was traveling through the Rockies, across three Provinces, and sent my son off East to Quebec yesterday, this book interested my inquistive mind, and adventurous spirit.

For the first two hours of our trip I read the bible, and a prayer book then decided to enter into the pages of my new book. I hard time putting the novel down. I read the whole book before we arrived in Vanderhoof. Traveling for 13 hours (1,356 km), allows for uninterrupted time to delve into the pages of a good novel. I do not regret purchasing this book, it has been added to my favorites, and has me seriously reflecting on my life.

R.L. Prendergast is a Canadian Author from Edmonton, Alberta (located on Highway 16), which is the road we traveled on to get to Vanderhoof. The book spans three centuries, and begins with the main characters Richard and Sonia helping a couple who are in a serious car accident. From there the story unfolds within the pages of a 140-year-old journal, and the entries of six different people.

As I write this review, I am still pondering all the wisdom found within the pages of this novel. One thing that rang true for this reader was that I need to take time for reflection, to appreciate moment by moment the life story I have been given, and the choices I make. This book also has to do with restoring a damaged relationship through the process of honestly looking at heart issues.

I believe, I now have been given the old journal, and the question is what will I do with it? Who will I pass it on to? And what life changes will I consider making? And if I was to make an entry into the journal what would it say about my journey?

It was amazing to read about the Canadian Rockies as we drove through them. Now it is time for sleep, tomorrow will bring more traveling, and perhaps another review. It was good for my soul to read for a long period of time, and go on a trip alone with my husband. In Indigo's this book was on the shelve next to the Shack, both are written by Canadians from the Western Provinces.

Pax Robin

My prayer book is titled, The Path of Celtic Prayer - An Ancient Way of Everyday Joy, By Dr. Calvin Miller. This is another amazing book full of adventure, now with the Celts! I would still like to read the Red Tent, before my break from routine is over.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

On the Road Again!

It is Saturday night, and I am still trying to catch up on all that needs to be completed before my husband and I leave for a week trip into the mountains. I had good intentions to write a devotional for Spiritual Sunday before leaving, but it just is not going to happen.

We are traveling on business to the interior of British Columbia. Instead of a devotional here is another quote from Joyce Rupp to ponder:
"Without some quiet reflection, some solitude and stillness, our inner eyes will eventually be too blurred and weary to discover God in the rushing of our demanding days."

This quote sums up the theme for the last week of my life, in what I read, and experienced!

Please pray for my youngest son Mike, who arrived safely in St. Jean, Quebec today to start a 13 week training program in the Canadian Armed Forces. And for this mother who has had waves of emotions as she releases her baby. My prayer is that Mike will preserve when it gets tough and that he will make lasting friendships.


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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The last month has been full, and hectic at times, but in all good for my soul. I have a fragile system and when I am going to fast my world will crumble in with emotions.

Well, today I had a day full of emotions. When I arrived home, full of self pity and woes, I watched this video (Blessed be Your Name) and realized life really is not that terrible.

I am learning to say "Blessed be your name." Even through the emotions. I totally cried after watching the video.

My prayer and heart cry is in all I experience in life God will be glorified and I will bless His name.

Love to all,


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No Excuses

I was reading, Prayer, by Joyce Rupp and this paragraph stood out:

False justifications for not praying fall away when we perceive the priceless value of our union with God. If we have time to shop, we have time to pray. If we have enough minutes to read the daily newspaper or work a crossword puzzle, we have enough minutes to pray. If we have space in our schedule to watch television or browse the Internet, we have space to pray. All rationalizations and excuses for being unable to pray are left behind once we allow God to claim our heart.

I can honestly say I have done all of these things, and know God is drawing me into prayer, but resist the pull. I really have no excuses not to pray.

My prayer for all who read this quote is that we will allow God to direct our hearts into His love today through prayer.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Words we say

News paper articles about your ministry make you humble. I have had a hard time reading through the post from Saturdays Star Phoenix, a local news paper in my city. The title for the article is "Seniors Discover Role in Ministry," written by Darlene Polachic.

I am having a issues with Sloboda said! Today, I was extremely aware of how our words influence others. I thought it would be the picture that I would cringe at...but today it was my words. When they are in print you are accountable.

If you would like to check this article out click on the title. Please pray for the seniors conference being held on Thursday September 24, 2009.

I am learning to cast my anxious thoughts on Christ...this sounds like a scripture verse.

Nothing like the article being past around at church when you are cringing at the words you have said. Humbling.

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

Philippians 4:6-7


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Listen and Follow

Reading through Acts, the story of Philip meeting the Ethiopian has had me reflecting and contemplating how God speaks and works in my life. A few thoughts that stood out from this New Testament story found in Acts 8:26-40:

God spoke to Philip with clear instructions to follow.
He was told to go out into desert territory alone.
He obeyed without questioning or stalling with the “what if’s.”
The Holy Spirit continued to speak and direct Philip.
In the middle of nowhere Philip shared the message of Christ.
He was bold in sharing the gospel message.
Philip and the Ethiopian official traveled together on the desert road.
With the time spent together Philip taught the Ethiopian about Christ.
In the desert they came upon water and the eunuch was baptized.
Then God simply took Philip out of this relationship.
What was shared left the Ethiopian rejoicing in the Lord.

How cool is that…

This is a great illustration on how to share the gospel message!

Definitely this whole event was a divine appointment. Totally arranged by God and providentially every detail was worked out through His Spirit.

The questions I have been asking myself are:

Have I been listening to God when He is speaking to me? Would I be willing to go out into a lonely dusty place not knowing why I was going? Would I be willing to go without questioning or asking all the “what if’s” that would enter my mind? Would I be willing to share my faith with an official from another country or even one from my own country? (The last reflection is my fear!)

Through Philips obedience, God was able to draw the Ethiopian close to His heart revealing truth concerning His word. God’s way of leading others towards Himself is not difficult when His Spirit is leading.

My heart prayer is that when God speaks to me I will listen and obey and I will not enter the “what if’s” or the "fear" that will certainly come. I pray, I will walk in confidence that God is always directing, and I will speak with boldness to others no matter who they are, all in the name of Jesus.

How has God been speaking to you? What opportunities to share the message of Christ have you missed, because of your hesitation or questioning? Do you believe God is in control of all situations you might find yourself in when I am following His Spirit?

Check out the prayer on feeding a hungry soul.

With Love Robin

Be sure to check out the inspirational writings at Spiritual Sundays. Thanks to Ginger and Charlotte for hosting this site and encouraging us today to seek the Lord.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hidden Places


I long to come out and dance

but I have forgotten how.

All I know in this moment

is how to hide

under waves

of must do’s,

one is completed,

another arrives,

luring my soul

farther away

from your presence.

Will you hear my faint whispers

that are hard to voice

from hidden places

under deep covers of activity?

My soul longs for silence.

My soul longs to be heard.

Teach me how to let go

of lists that bind.

Teach my soul God

how to dance again with you

in silence and solitude

even when demands of life are present.

With Love


P.S Blogger has decided this is the way the words are going to be arranged!

I am not sure why but for the last few weeks AVG has not let me view others blogs. My time is limited on the internet and with the slow connection I have been getting frustrated. I am sorry for not commenting on others blogs...I will try and figure out my dilemma.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Curious Ones

These little one's were born two days before my grandson on June 27, 2009.

My husband and I have not had pets in over fifteen years, but some how these little ones caught our hearts. We took the leap of faith, and adopted them. They are curious about everything! Over the last week they have brought joy into my home, and lots of scratches.

A quote to ponder by Ruth Haley Barton: "In solitude we must stop believing our own press."

Love Robin

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Spiritual Sunday -- “I Will” not be Afraid!

Last week, after I posted the “I will” statements from Psalm 118, an online friend (Yvette) suggested that each of the statements would make interesting devotionals. For Spiritual Sunday this week and the next several weeks, I will post a few thoughts on each of the “I will” proclamations from this Psalm.

Psalm 118 is an interesting Psalm to mediate upon. As you read through it is apparent that an individual worshiper is coming before God in prayer representing the people of Israel. All of Israel had experienced God’s goodness and magnificent display’s of His unconditional love that was constantly sustaining them.

Originally the worship leader would have been a king or priest, but today anyone can come before God reciting His acts of goodness and mercy before God’s people. God desires that we bless him with our heart felt responses of gratitude through our prayers.

The Psalmist knew that no matter what they were facing in life God was always with them. Today, God through his Holy Spirit brings comfort to us in the midst of hardship, and as he did with Israel he will give us the right perspective for the future.

When we live in obedience to God’s will and commands the “I will” statements will come easily. In the midst of difficult circumstances we need to remember God is with us, and we do not have to be afraid. As the Psalmist reminds us if God is with us what can man do to us?

How has God’s goodness and mercy been shown to you personally this week? Will you share your experience with others?

Father God, thank you for your love that endures forever, and for sending your son to walk among us, Immanuel, “God with us.” In whatever circumstances we might be in today, let us remember that you are with us and will give us the right perspective for the future.

With Love Robin

Be sure to check out the inspirational writings at Spiritual Sundays. Thanks to Ginger and Charlotte for hosting this site and encouraging us today to seek the Lord.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

In Christ

The month of September is extremely full concerning ministry. Tuesday mornings I lead the devotional time over at Caleb Manor (a seniors retirement home.) I have made a commitment to write my own devotionals this next year, which takes hours of study and writing.

There is a Fall BBQ on Saturday, a Fall conference for seniors on September 24, other groups beginning within this ministry, which require numerous meetings. And these are not really what I am called to do! My main ministry is to visit and care for the seniors within my church.

I woke up early today having onerous thoughts rush through my mind that I was not going to make it. Then before these burdensome thoughts of defeat could take root thoughts of who I am in Christ covered the negative. Absolutely amazing!

In Christ I am able.

In Christ I have victory.

In Christ I am free.

In Christ I am connected to heaven.

In Christ I can stand firm.

In Christ my joy is complete.

What I find interesting is how these statements flowed over the negative thoughts before they could cause me to enter an extreme panic attack. With being in God's word daily and prayer I had the power of Christ ready to help me stand firm in truth.

How has scripture helped you to overcome the negative self-talk that comes quickly to bring defeat?

Father thank you for your word that is powerful and able to break all negativity that enters our heart, mind, and soul enabling us to abide in Love. To abide fully in Christ. In Jesus name we have the power to stand free! Amen.

With love Robin

Note: I took the picture above yesterday as my husband and walked through a local civic garden. The beginning of fall is my favorite time of year.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

The six "I will" statements from Psalm 118

1. vs 6 "I will not be afraid."

2. vs 7 "I will look in triumph on my enemies."

3. vs 17 "I will not die but live."

4. vs 17 "I will proclaim what the Lord has done."

5. vs 19 "I will enter and give thanks to the Lord."

6. vs 21 "I will give Him thanks."

When a spiritual battle is raging around us, we need to remember who is with us. We need to keep our eyes focused on Christ. God is always with us, he is our helper when conflict and spiritual warfare is upon us. When we are steadfast in our faith, and focused completely on Jesus we will be able to say as the Psalmist has written, "I will..."

In the name of the Lord, we will have victory over our enemies in this world, as we remember to say "I will..."

With Love Robin

Be sure to check out the inspirational writings at Spiritual Sundays. Thanks to Ginger and Charlotte for hosting this site and encouraging us today to seek the Lord.