Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No Excuses

I was reading, Prayer, by Joyce Rupp and this paragraph stood out:

False justifications for not praying fall away when we perceive the priceless value of our union with God. If we have time to shop, we have time to pray. If we have enough minutes to read the daily newspaper or work a crossword puzzle, we have enough minutes to pray. If we have space in our schedule to watch television or browse the Internet, we have space to pray. All rationalizations and excuses for being unable to pray are left behind once we allow God to claim our heart.

I can honestly say I have done all of these things, and know God is drawing me into prayer, but resist the pull. I really have no excuses not to pray.

My prayer for all who read this quote is that we will allow God to direct our hearts into His love today through prayer.


Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

God has been speaking this into my heart today as well.

I've been feeling burdened and weary by an intense load of responsibility and work. And the Lord beckons: "Come to me, all you who are weary. I will give you rest."

Thank you, dear one, for this reminder. God spoke to me through you today.

rcubes said...

Thank you for reminding us. I think it is a total waste if Christians do not have a prayerful life. Everything was true, if we have time to do such things, then we have time to pray. Blessings.

Bill611 said...


I know that I am missing something when prayer seems like "eating my vegetables"... I so long to connect with people, yet take so little time and effort to connect with God. And then I wonder why I'm always tripping and falling in the dark.

Girl in a Glass House said...

Christ needed to pray...how much more we?

One of the most effective tools of the enemy of our souls is to distract us from prayer...and if we find time to pray, distract us during prayer! But it is like life blood to us , giving us God's perpective and leading us deeper into our love relationship with our redeemer

Just Be Real said...

This is a powerful post of truth. Thank you for sharing. Blessings....