Saturday, September 12, 2009

Spiritual Sunday -- “I Will” not be Afraid!

Last week, after I posted the “I will” statements from Psalm 118, an online friend (Yvette) suggested that each of the statements would make interesting devotionals. For Spiritual Sunday this week and the next several weeks, I will post a few thoughts on each of the “I will” proclamations from this Psalm.

Psalm 118 is an interesting Psalm to mediate upon. As you read through it is apparent that an individual worshiper is coming before God in prayer representing the people of Israel. All of Israel had experienced God’s goodness and magnificent display’s of His unconditional love that was constantly sustaining them.

Originally the worship leader would have been a king or priest, but today anyone can come before God reciting His acts of goodness and mercy before God’s people. God desires that we bless him with our heart felt responses of gratitude through our prayers.

The Psalmist knew that no matter what they were facing in life God was always with them. Today, God through his Holy Spirit brings comfort to us in the midst of hardship, and as he did with Israel he will give us the right perspective for the future.

When we live in obedience to God’s will and commands the “I will” statements will come easily. In the midst of difficult circumstances we need to remember God is with us, and we do not have to be afraid. As the Psalmist reminds us if God is with us what can man do to us?

How has God’s goodness and mercy been shown to you personally this week? Will you share your experience with others?

Father God, thank you for your love that endures forever, and for sending your son to walk among us, Immanuel, “God with us.” In whatever circumstances we might be in today, let us remember that you are with us and will give us the right perspective for the future.

With Love Robin

Be sure to check out the inspirational writings at Spiritual Sundays. Thanks to Ginger and Charlotte for hosting this site and encouraging us today to seek the Lord.


RCUBEs said...

Just been thinking about God's goodness. All the troubles happening now, remembering the sudden deaths that came to those innocent people yesterday [9/11], where could we find that hope if Jesus didn't do the Father's will? We are truly in need of the Savior.

Job 33:28 came to mind: "He redeemed my soul from going down to the pit, and I will live to enjoy the light." thanks be to God for His saving grace...God bless and Happy Sunday!

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Hi Robin,
Everyday I'm thankful for the life my Lord has blessed me with! I may not always enjoy good health but I am His and He takes care of me. From one day to the next, He cares for me and gives me the strength I need to get through it. His love is an extravagant love, and He lavishes it upon me. I am just so thankful I belong to Him and He has set me free from the chains that bound me. Praise His matchless and precious name.
Thank you for sharing today and I pray you have a wonderful weekend.


Warren Baldwin said...

"When we live in obedience to God’s will and commands the “I will” statements will come easily."

I agree. In fact, the I wills are a natural result, the fruit, of living in faithfulness to Him.

Charlotte said...

These are such good thoughts Robin. Thank you for sharing them with us. I experience God's goodness and mercy every day of my life.

Andrea said...

GOD worked a miracle in the heart of my step daughter this very day. I am truly amazed at the power and tremendous love HE bestows in my midst.
Blessings, andrea

Mevely317 said...

So very wonderfully true ...
Thank you, Robin, for sharing this necessary message!

Happy S/S!


Clif said...

Excellent meditation. This is very uplifting. Thank you for posting.

Robin said...

Thanks everyone for the comments and visiting. My computer or connect to the internet is having difficulties forgive me is I am slow in visiting your blogs.

chicamom85 said...

Thank you for that post. I have been blessed in many ways lately. We have such wonderful neighbors. This summer, I injured my back and my husband is ill. All summer they have been cutting our lawn and will take nothing in return. I have baked and sent things over, the kindness of others is truly a blessing.

God bless you Anne

enchanting cottage said...

I love hearing how the mercy of our Lord has worked in peoples life. I think it is one of the top exciting things about believing in God.

micey said...

after all the Lord has done for me, I tell Him each and every morning "there is no other for me and I will follow You!"

Susan said...

The first step is always the setting of the will. Thanks for the post.

SmilingSally said...

Robin, Thank you for this good reminder of the goodness of God and my need for obedience.

Denise said...

Awesome thoughts, appreciate you sharing.

Lisa said...

Beautiful post!

Peter Stone said...

Hi Robin
I was talking to my daughter about this very thing two days ago. How the tearing of the curtain at the temple means that we have direct access to the Holy of Holies now. What an awesome God, that we can know Him so intimately. So wonderful to know that He is with us, and that He helps us through life's troubles.
God bless.

Saleslady371 said...

Oh how we need to know He's with us and loves us extravagantly in our tough times!

Regina said...

Amen.Thank you for sharing.

Girl in a Glass House said...

God showed His mercy to me this week by answering a question in a profound way. I was facing a problem with one of my adult daughters. She is making a terrible decision and I was torn between leaving her to face the consequences and continuing to offer unheeded advice. Quite self righteously I said to myself "What would Jesus do?" And quick as a flash God said "What has Jesus done all the times you have done this to Him?" Ouch. There I was all ready to be holier than thou and God reminded me that I often made foolish life decisions and often left His advice unheeded...the answer to my problem was almost instantaeous after that God-encounter and that very afternoon the entire issue was resolved with my daughter. That is mercy!