Saturday, September 19, 2009

Listen and Follow

Reading through Acts, the story of Philip meeting the Ethiopian has had me reflecting and contemplating how God speaks and works in my life. A few thoughts that stood out from this New Testament story found in Acts 8:26-40:

God spoke to Philip with clear instructions to follow.
He was told to go out into desert territory alone.
He obeyed without questioning or stalling with the “what if’s.”
The Holy Spirit continued to speak and direct Philip.
In the middle of nowhere Philip shared the message of Christ.
He was bold in sharing the gospel message.
Philip and the Ethiopian official traveled together on the desert road.
With the time spent together Philip taught the Ethiopian about Christ.
In the desert they came upon water and the eunuch was baptized.
Then God simply took Philip out of this relationship.
What was shared left the Ethiopian rejoicing in the Lord.

How cool is that…

This is a great illustration on how to share the gospel message!

Definitely this whole event was a divine appointment. Totally arranged by God and providentially every detail was worked out through His Spirit.

The questions I have been asking myself are:

Have I been listening to God when He is speaking to me? Would I be willing to go out into a lonely dusty place not knowing why I was going? Would I be willing to go without questioning or asking all the “what if’s” that would enter my mind? Would I be willing to share my faith with an official from another country or even one from my own country? (The last reflection is my fear!)

Through Philips obedience, God was able to draw the Ethiopian close to His heart revealing truth concerning His word. God’s way of leading others towards Himself is not difficult when His Spirit is leading.

My heart prayer is that when God speaks to me I will listen and obey and I will not enter the “what if’s” or the "fear" that will certainly come. I pray, I will walk in confidence that God is always directing, and I will speak with boldness to others no matter who they are, all in the name of Jesus.

How has God been speaking to you? What opportunities to share the message of Christ have you missed, because of your hesitation or questioning? Do you believe God is in control of all situations you might find yourself in when I am following His Spirit?

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With Love Robin

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Charlotte said...

Oh Robin, I so identify with this as well. I hope and pray that I will hear God's voice when he speaks to me, not question and obey. I have always loved the story of the Ethiopian and Philip. The Ethiopians are wonderful people. We have a friend from there named Behailu. He came to America many times to report on the work our former church in California was doing in that country. Clif was fortunate to visit Ethiopia in 1988.
Thank you for sharing.

Robin said...


I believe God is drawing His people close and if we are willing he will use us in amazing ways. I too, pray God let me hear, and not be fearful.

Clif said...

Robin, this is a great and needed message. I have these same thoughts on my mind since I have just finished reading, You Were Born For This. Bruce Wilkinson uses this story for one of his examples of how God calls us to help others. Thanks for posting this today.

Mary said...

I am guilty of not heeding the nudging of the Holy Spirit to witness. Pride, fear of man, laziness, whatever the reason, we are His witnesses, unless we don't open our mouths and speak. Lord God, help us walk in boldness, speak in boldness, live in boldness for You. Wonderful message, Robin. God bless.


SmilingSally said...

I pray that I will be courageous enough to do what He asks.

Susan said...

Oh that we might be so lead by The Holy Spirit and we hear and sense the slightest move and voice of our Savior and God.

Saleslady371 said...

I love the depth of this challenge. Imagine the Christians out there praying for lost loved ones asking God (like I do) to send just the right laborer in their paths? What if I'm the right laborer for someone's lost loved one? Here I am Lord; help me obey your voice.

Denise said...

Such an awesome message, thank you.

Regina, DailyLiving said...

Thank you for sharing . What a great reminder. Help us O Lord to listen and obey you no matter what. Amen.
A blessed week Robin.

enchanting cottage said...

I have also prayed to God about leading me the way to open someones heart to him. This message is wonderful thank-you.

kymber said...

Thank you Robin for your wonderful message today! May we ALL answer the call of the Lord when he asks for our obedience - even when it is hard. He refines us by this process and when we are reaching out to help others, we are helping ourselves grow as well!
Have a blessed week,

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Hi Robin,
I pray that I too will be brave enough to share His message with whomever He sends my way. Thanks for posting today and have a wonderful day.


nannykim said...

I do think some have a real gift for evangelism--one of my old friends really had this gift in a powerful way. But I think we all are to live our lives in such a way that it reflects the glory of our father...and this will include opportunities of verbal witness. I think I have missed some opportunities because I was not "listening" to my Father and to involved in my self!