Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Impact of a Single Event

On Saturday September 26, before leaving for our journey to B.C, Canada, I decided to purchase a novel to read while on this current road trip. My first choice was, The Red Tent, by Anita Diamant. As I wondered the aisles in Chapter's Indigo, I found another book titled, The Impact of a Single Event, by R.L. Prendergast. I had never heard of this book until I picked it up in the book store.

What caught my imagination was the fact that the book is both historical and a personal story that takes place in different cities across Canada, then off to India, and back to the Canadian Rockies. Since, I was traveling through the Rockies, across three Provinces, and sent my son off East to Quebec yesterday, this book interested my inquistive mind, and adventurous spirit.

For the first two hours of our trip I read the bible, and a prayer book then decided to enter into the pages of my new book. I hard time putting the novel down. I read the whole book before we arrived in Vanderhoof. Traveling for 13 hours (1,356 km), allows for uninterrupted time to delve into the pages of a good novel. I do not regret purchasing this book, it has been added to my favorites, and has me seriously reflecting on my life.

R.L. Prendergast is a Canadian Author from Edmonton, Alberta (located on Highway 16), which is the road we traveled on to get to Vanderhoof. The book spans three centuries, and begins with the main characters Richard and Sonia helping a couple who are in a serious car accident. From there the story unfolds within the pages of a 140-year-old journal, and the entries of six different people.

As I write this review, I am still pondering all the wisdom found within the pages of this novel. One thing that rang true for this reader was that I need to take time for reflection, to appreciate moment by moment the life story I have been given, and the choices I make. This book also has to do with restoring a damaged relationship through the process of honestly looking at heart issues.

I believe, I now have been given the old journal, and the question is what will I do with it? Who will I pass it on to? And what life changes will I consider making? And if I was to make an entry into the journal what would it say about my journey?

It was amazing to read about the Canadian Rockies as we drove through them. Now it is time for sleep, tomorrow will bring more traveling, and perhaps another review. It was good for my soul to read for a long period of time, and go on a trip alone with my husband. In Indigo's this book was on the shelve next to the Shack, both are written by Canadians from the Western Provinces.

Pax Robin

My prayer book is titled, The Path of Celtic Prayer - An Ancient Way of Everyday Joy, By Dr. Calvin Miller. This is another amazing book full of adventure, now with the Celts! I would still like to read the Red Tent, before my break from routine is over.


RCUBEs said...

That's great you found an inspiring book to keep you company in that long travel. Like in our own journeys, I can't think of anything else but the Holy Book to keep me company or otherwise, I would have been bored...And we know that when we are, that's more opportunity to make the wrong turns to look for fun. Have a safe travel and God bless.

Robin said...

Thanks Rossel,

I am going to continue reading today on my Journey with the Apostles through the book of Acts. It sure is nice to have a laptop and connections as we travel. The best internet connect we have had todate is here in a small northern town in B.C. Go figure!

I might not be able to connect again until I get home. It was good to read a book that had nothing to do with my faith initially, but as I read the Holy Spirit lead me into pondering what is important in my life. My story would be full of God's story!

Love to you...robin

Thank yuo

Mary said...

What a blessing to have the time to read without interruption. Thanks for sharing about this book. I do believe in reflecting on the choices we've made, and where God has taken us through them.


Warren Baldwin said...

I thought I already commented here. Apparently not! I'd like to read this book. Sounds very interesting.

Thanks for the comment on Family Fountain. October may not be slower than Sept. but it is better organized, so I will at least have a sense of what I am doing!

Annie said...

This book sounds great! I will have to add it to my reading list.

Faith Imagined said...

I heard that was a good book. I will have to look into it! A trip along with my hubby would be magical. Maybe in a few years!

sojourner said...

Nice to read something other than textbooks, yes?

Safe journey!