Thursday, June 28, 2007

Prayer Walking Through the Internet

It has been over a year, since I have done research on prayer walking--must say there are many great sites these days compared to four years ago. I found an interesting site to help pray for Iran.

Day one shows pictures of Iran accompained by a woman singing the lyrics below (Persian Worship Music.) Check it out--I was lead to pray immediately for this nation. The song is beautiful. My prayer is that many hearts in this nation will be open to recieve the good news of Christ.

Lyrics to the song:
Jesus, the bread and the spring of life
Jesus, you are the bread and the spring of life
You guide me to the truth and salvation
You are the eternal son of God
The only intercessor to the sinners

O Jesus, you are my hope and my life
You have kept me only through your grace
There is nothing in me but iniquity
It is you who heals the pain in my body and soul

O Jesus, my beloved Jesus, Son of God
Jesus, you are the light and the Word of God
You are over and above the angels and the heavenly hosts
All power in heaven is in your hands
Our death and our life is according to your will

A Name Change

I would like to change the name of this blog...

I named it walking with Yeshua for several reason: Walking with Jesus was already taken. I wanted to be orginal. At the time I was prayer walking (still am in fact that is what my class is on in a week.) These reasons are still the same, however I feel it is time to change the title.

Some ideas I am mulling over:

walking in prayer
walking in prayer with Christ
walking closer
following close
following Him

Uugh! I need to pray and perhaps an idea will come! Or I will just leave it be.

In the School of Prayer

From The Brothers Karamazov -- By Fyodor Dostoevsky

“Do not forget to pray, my boy. If your prayers are truly sincere, every day a new fervor will appear, a new thought of which you were unaware before, and that will give you new strength. You will understand then that prayer is education.

Remember this, too. Repeat to yourself every day and as often as you can: ‘O Lord, have mercy on all those who will appear before You today.’ For every hour, every second, thousands leave this world and their souls appear before the Lord, and no one knows how many of them leave this earth in isolation, sadness, and anguish, with no one to take pity on them or even care whether they live or die. And so your prayer for a man will rise to the Lord from the other end of the earth, although he may never have heard of you or you of him. But his soul, as it stands trembling before the Lord, will be cheered and gladdened to learn that there is someone on earth who loves him. And the Lord’s mercy will be even greater to both of you, for, however great your pity for the man, God’s pity will be much greater, for He is infinitely more merciful and more loving than you are. And God will forgive him for your sake.”

Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky, was born in Moscow in 1821, the second son of a staff doctor at the Hospital for the Poor. Dostoevsky graduated as a military engineer from the Army Engineering College in St. Petersburg, but resigned his commission in 1844 to devote himself to writing. His writings, which include Notes from Underground and Crime and Punishment, deal with moral and philosophical questions and had a profound influence on the the twentieth century novel. He died in St. Petersburg in 1881.

When I began my journey with Jesus 13 years ago, the first book I read was Andrew Murray's classic, "In the School of Prayer with Christ." This quote by Dostoevsky reminds me of Murray's teachings. However, the thought of praying for others who pass from this world to stand before God is a new thought!

It has been three weeks since my surgery and my body and mind are still not connecting. I need to get on with it (life and things that is) but my body is not cooporating with my request! I am learning the discipline of silence and solitude from this whole experience. I was told to put everything on hold for six weeks, why than is that so hard for me to do without feeling guilty? However, I am learning. I will take Dostoevsky's advice and attend the school of prayer.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Musings on the Discipline of Writing

"The object of writing is to grow a personality which in the end enables one to transcend art."

Lawrence Durrell--Balthazar

I purchased a new book yesterday titled "Echoing Silence" -- Thomas Merton on the Vocation of Writing--Edited by Robert Inchausti. Thomas Merton who is one of my favorite writers, (who I have spent many hours with over the years reading his journals.) I would like to share the first paragraph from this book:

Thomas Merton began writing as a teenager in an effort to discover who he was and what he believed. This discipline transformed him from a self-confessed middle-class prig into a struggling bohemian artist seeking to forge in the smithy of his soul the uncreated conscience of his race.

Writing as a discipline to understand self and to be transformed...I like this concept! I might still have a chance of being transformed as I continue to write.

In Eugenia Price's book "Early will I Seek Thee, " I started reading the chapter titled, "To be Original." I had to giggle to myself after reading her thoughts, I do want to be original, but without Jesus there simply is no chance. Christ is creator, He lives within me, and is my source of original thoughts and ideas, all I need to do is learn to be silent and tap into His never ending supply of orginal thoughts.

What a great thought to start this day. One more musing from Thomas Merton on writing:

I wanted to be a writer, a poet, a critic, a professor. I wanted to enjoy all of kinds of pleasures of the intellect and of the senses, and in order to have these pleasures I did not hesitate to place myself in situations which I knew would end in spiritual disaster--although generally I was so blinded by my own appetites that I never even clearly considered this fact until it was too late, and the damage was done.

Of course, as far as my ambitions went, their objects were all right in themselves. There is nothing wrong in being a writer or a poet--at least I there is not: but the harm lies in wanting to be one for the gratification of one's own ambitions, and merely in order to bring oneself up to the level demanded by his own internal self-idolatry. Because I was writing for myself and for the world, the things I wrote were rank with the passions and the selfishness and sin from which they sprang. An evil tree brings forth evil fruits, when it brings forth fruit at all.

From these thoughts of Merton and Price what I can conclude is this: When I seek Christ with all of my heart, I will find orginal thoughts and when I write for Jesus it will be Him who recieves the glory and I will be taking from the tree of life not evil...or something like that!

The Weather in Saskatchewan


rain has been beating down
unusual for the land of the living skies.
Fantasies of warm estival breezes
tease my mind! Long days
of fuliginous color are teaching silence
mixed with hope of brighter days head.

I actually have the heater on in my study this morning; draught is the norm on the prairies in summer, not moisture!

Well, it will be a great day to study for my class (I need to teach in two weeks). I need prayer! My cloudy head is just not into preparing and learning new approaches. I guess my mind is like the weather--soggy.

A gift from the weather and God is that words are floating around within my totaly satuated mind!

If anyone acually reads this babbling post, I pray you are having a very sunny day filled with joy!

I love it...I just looked up babbling, one difinition is to murmur like a brook does when it flows over stones.


Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Tree

By Gregory Blakey

I have been fascinated with trees for sometime. Here is a picture for thought from soul cafe' a daily writing site from Australia. I have been exploring soul cafe and do not believe or agree with some of their views or beliefs. However, from a Christian perspective what I do like about this picture is that with the guidance of the Holy Spirit we can go deeper into our heart and let Him reveal truth. I am in tune with the spiritual realm and can get so off track thank goodness God has given us His Spirit, the spirit of truth to keep me on the right path.

an easygoing day

My mood today is rather laid-back; surfing the net was in order! For those of us called boomers check out There is an interesting article on is 50 the new 30?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

One to Consider Concerning Solitude

C.S. Lewis wrote: "Only lazy people are busy."
Life has been full of strange events, all have lead me to a place of learning to grow in solitude and silence. Most of today was threaded with the shimmering cords of quietness and aloneness to experience being alive with no outside interruptions. As I consider the last date I posted on this blog, it made me aware of how this time of being alone with Jesus is creating a new thing in my heart. I actually did not touch the computer for three weeks, this is an amazing miracle for me. I pray that I will continue to be intentional about times of Sabbath.

Today, I sat in a meditative garden all alone with my moleskine, pen and ink. It is rather interesting to listen, to really listen to the world around me. The trees had an unspoken language that was full of wisdom and grace. The fauna and flora swayed in the warm estival breezes that blew through the garden. To let all the noise and concerns of life flow away into the earth, opening my heart to receive the ancient song of life, bought healing. To just listen, what a gift I have been given.

Tonight, I found an old friends blog, it was a gift to my soul. Not only did I find one poet's musings, I found two. My desire is sing the song of the poet's.

Robin's Musings

Over the last few months’ I have become aware of how blessed I really am. Following are a few of my musings concerning gifts of blessing in my life for June 20, 2007.

I have a husband who loves me, and four children who are teaching me how to really love, while living in this world.

All of the dark areas of life where there are no easy answers have become places where my character is being shaped and formed.

Sitting with Murray on our deck at night, sharing events from of our day.

I have a son who is graduating, another son who is getting married, a daughter who is moving closer to home and another daughter who is learning how be an over-comer.

Waking up with a song on my heart and in my mind that takes me to a place of praising God for who He is and what He has given to my family.

My office, where wonderful things take form and come alive; I love the south window that allows the sun to kiss my soul.

Homemade chicken noodle soup that brings comfort to the body.

Watching my 18 year old son still enjoying being a child by having a water fight with his friends.

Making lunch for my working men.

Having an imagination to create wonderful things.

Being able to learn new things in a variety of different ways.

Being able to have time to let my body heal and to enjoy the flowers on my deck.