Thursday, June 28, 2007

Prayer Walking Through the Internet

It has been over a year, since I have done research on prayer walking--must say there are many great sites these days compared to four years ago. I found an interesting site to help pray for Iran.

Day one shows pictures of Iran accompained by a woman singing the lyrics below (Persian Worship Music.) Check it out--I was lead to pray immediately for this nation. The song is beautiful. My prayer is that many hearts in this nation will be open to recieve the good news of Christ.

Lyrics to the song:
Jesus, the bread and the spring of life
Jesus, you are the bread and the spring of life
You guide me to the truth and salvation
You are the eternal son of God
The only intercessor to the sinners

O Jesus, you are my hope and my life
You have kept me only through your grace
There is nothing in me but iniquity
It is you who heals the pain in my body and soul

O Jesus, my beloved Jesus, Son of God
Jesus, you are the light and the Word of God
You are over and above the angels and the heavenly hosts
All power in heaven is in your hands
Our death and our life is according to your will

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