Thursday, June 21, 2007

Life has been full of strange events, all have lead me to a place of learning to grow in solitude and silence. Most of today was threaded with the shimmering cords of quietness and aloneness to experience being alive with no outside interruptions. As I consider the last date I posted on this blog, it made me aware of how this time of being alone with Jesus is creating a new thing in my heart. I actually did not touch the computer for three weeks, this is an amazing miracle for me. I pray that I will continue to be intentional about times of Sabbath.

Today, I sat in a meditative garden all alone with my moleskine, pen and ink. It is rather interesting to listen, to really listen to the world around me. The trees had an unspoken language that was full of wisdom and grace. The fauna and flora swayed in the warm estival breezes that blew through the garden. To let all the noise and concerns of life flow away into the earth, opening my heart to receive the ancient song of life, bought healing. To just listen, what a gift I have been given.

Tonight, I found an old friends blog, it was a gift to my soul. Not only did I find one poet's musings, I found two. My desire is sing the song of the poet's.


TS said...

In reading through your blog I see a number of similarities to wit:
I am fascinated with trees. Most everday I will look at a tree with great delight.
I write daily in my moleskin. I love the moleskin. They have such a nice fold in the pages, a lovely elegant cover.
It appears you are near fifty. I hate to say it but that number will hit at the end of summer.
You like Charlie's poetry.
You find Sabbath rest important,
which really correlates toward the most important finding, you are in truth 'my sister.'


robin sloboda said...


Close but not yet! I am going to enjoy the last 3.5 years I have left of being 40 but fifty seems very close! My husband Murray turns 50 by the end of the summer also. Most definetly an interesting time of life. Our baby graduates on Wednesday, and our oldest is getting married. We are enjoying the freedom, but for some strange reason miss the business of life. We are ready to be grandparents.

I am going to write later on Henry Nouwen's book the Way of the Heart...he is right on concerning solitude and silence!

When I was a child living in BC, my mother would tell me to watch the trees the leaves will tell you a story...

Charlie draws great pictures of trees; I have one that I have titled niggles leaf!

robin sloboda said...

One more thought...

My moleskine is not one of the ones with the leather cover, I choose the plain small(3 in a pack) kind so I could walk with it in my pocket, carry it in my purse, etc... I think I will scrapbook a cover for them when I am done. I will one day get nice thick one with an elegant cover but I love journals where I can turn them into pieces of art.