Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Weather in Saskatchewan


rain has been beating down
unusual for the land of the living skies.
Fantasies of warm estival breezes
tease my mind! Long days
of fuliginous color are teaching silence
mixed with hope of brighter days head.

I actually have the heater on in my study this morning; draught is the norm on the prairies in summer, not moisture!

Well, it will be a great day to study for my class (I need to teach in two weeks). I need prayer! My cloudy head is just not into preparing and learning new approaches. I guess my mind is like the weather--soggy.

A gift from the weather and God is that words are floating around within my totaly satuated mind!

If anyone acually reads this babbling post, I pray you are having a very sunny day filled with joy!

I love it...I just looked up babbling, one difinition is to murmur like a brook does when it flows over stones.



Anonymous said...

i am reading :) and i am actually having a lovely day. just met two of my good friends for coffee and now am back at the class stuff too. i pray your day will be profitable. thanks for sharing the stuff from Paul with us!

robin sloboda said...

Okay my friend anonymous d...

I wished we lived closer! Hey you know what we should do meet half way at Davidson and have coffee! LOL What a great idea! They have a swimming pool we could go for a swim...are you up to it??

You are welcome, concerning the stuff from Dr.Beckingham. I am learning that if can't share then what is it all about???