Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Starting Again!

What a morning this day ushered in, and now it is the afternoon, and the first thunderstorm of the year is creating amazing sounds outside!  The rain will hopefully wash away some of the dirt left from winter’s long white covering.  New life is welcomed. I must say, it will be good to see green cover the stark nakedness of the trees in my yard once again.  Rain…it does sound and smell inviting today. 

I have been rather reluctant to write on my blog these days.  I have been asking myself numerous questions:  Why do I write?  Who do I write for?  Is there some deep ego driven reason why I need to write and post on a blog?  My conclusion to the questions is I simply like to write.  I enjoy the whole process.  No more fear.

Learning to let go of fear, and simply do what comes naturally has been a process.  In 2 Timothy 1:7 the Apostle Paul reminds us that God did not give us a spirit of fear, but one of power, love, and self-control.  As usual this scripture comes to me regularly, reminding me not to walk in fear.  

The bonus with the silence is a little wrestling with my questions is good for the soul.  Wrestling seems to deepen my faith in God. 

Rain, hail and thunder what a good gift to usher in Spring.  Another welcomed gift the desire to write on my blog again, I seem to have had a year of good starts and long periods of silence.  Well, here I go again…

What stops you from writing?  Do you wrestle with fear?  

Love to all,


Warren Baldwin said...

Lack of time keeps me from writing sometimes. Probably poor scheduling is more like it.

Fear? Don't know. Perhaps the fear that it won't be read, or won't matter, sometimes.

Robin said...

Hey Warren I have the same issue...Lack of time! I am not sure mine is poor scheduling...but perhaps it is? Thanks for commenting.

Warren Baldwin said...

One of my issues with poor timing ... there are so many things for us to read and study, I'm often led to read something that is not serving the class or sermon I am working on. It is good and important, but probably not something I should be reading right then. Consequently, time gets away for the deadlines that are approaching. It's tough to change!

deb ash said...

I, like you, write because I must.

Glad you are back kindred sister.