Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First Fish of the Season and out of Rhythm!

Over the last few weeks my life has been rather full. On Saturday, my husband Murray and I finally had an afternoon alone, the result was we went fishing. After the long cold spring, it was refreshing to have a warm sunny day in Saskatchewan with no wind. The video I am posting makes me laugh, I sound goofy, but I am going to share the adventure anyway.

After Murray caught the first fish of the season, he caught one more, then the motor on our boat decided not start. Our next option was we had to row back to the fishing dock. I have never paddled/rowed the boat with my husband, and we were completely out of rhythm with each other. He told me he was totally embarrassed of how he paddled one way and I another, and that I seemed to be totally oblivious to it all. I was.

Well, all that work for two small fish. When we arrived at the dock we ended up giving our catch away to a elderly lady who was happy to receive the gift. I did enjoy the beauty and peace that surrounded us, even if I couldn't row a boat.

How can you be married for 27 years, and not be in rhythm with your partner? I believe we need to start rowing our boat together more! I am serious.

If you have a fishing tale to tell I would love to hear it!



Andrea said...

Paddling a boat seems to take a different gift...I am not sure I have it either. My husband laughs at me. I am glad you guys enjoy your time together despite the motor failing.
Blessings, andrea

LisaShaw said...

Blessing that you both had that time together. May you experience SO many more and may you be in rhythm with one another always :)


Saleslady371 said...

Sounds like a fun time. Loved the video. My husband and I can work together beautifully as a team, but forget the art of rowing!

Alleluiabelle said...

Hi Dear Friend,

I loved the video! We are all fishermen here, but I have to say, I'm not a person to row a boat unless I had to, such as in your case. It sounded and looked like you both had a good time together...and boy, what a nice catch.

I've missed coming here.

Love, Prayers & Hugs,

Anonymous said...

I have never fished (gasp) but I loved hearing yoru story

I like your question too
"How can you be married for 27 years, and not be in rhythm with your partner? "

I am pretty sure I could go to a spiritual level with that!

Silver said...

I love what you said and it's always so great to hear people who are still in love with each other ..even after 27 years. Glad to hear you both had a lovely time with the outdoors.


Monica said...

I think it's part of the FUN that even after all those years, we still need to find each others' rhythm!
(No fishing stories, though.)

Robin said...

My dear friends I love all your comments and continued support. Last week I was at a retreat with the seniors, and then off to a staff retreat both were totally amazing and refreshing for my soul. I am now totally immersed in finishing a class, I have papers due by July 6. I need to complete this part of my life, then I can release stress to write whatever I am inspired to write. Love to all who have commented. I will get it together one day to move out into the blog community.
Love Robin

sojourner said...

loved the look into your life with your husband! the rowing analogy made me wonder if my Beloved and i would be able to row in rhythm.....hmmmm, we'll have to give it a try :0)