Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Closing Ramble

My head is completely full of words
after new triumphs accomplished in
spinning academic books around

what has been the outcome
of silence filled days in isolation

closeness to God or distance

at this point neither seem to be
a final conclusion, all I can muster
is to pound keys on my keyboard

releasing weeks of anxious emotions
soothe by returning to silence. Again,

in stillness hidden words appear
filled with celebration the end is here
followed by creative beginnings
to embrace again in silent isolation.

I found a poem in the midst of all the information
and words that are crammed in my mind! I finally
have a weekend with no pressures...I am going to rest.


I have finally finished my paper! I am going to watch TV! Something I never do but it will be different then having my nose in books. No, I won't watch TV. I will, however make something great for dinner. Sorry for not posting much over the last few weeks, hopefully I will find a poem and write it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Youngest

One more

My Favorite Picture

Renae even laughed when she saw this one! Wonder who has who? A great picture for a poem.
She looked lovely and so did my children.

New Beginnings

Sacraments, blessings and miracles all within a week! My adopted daughter/friend (long story for another day) Sasha, had another baby on Friday morning August 31. I was her coach and was gifted the privilege of witnessing a new life being born. Teela Robin is now 13 days old, she is my youngest friend and is so tiny! Mom let me cut the umbilical cord; what a wonderful sacrament scene.
The last few weeks have been very full. On Thursday my son and his wife are off to Scotland and then to Rome for three weeks. My job now is to pray hard for this new little life and new marriage, which both have just begun.
Thank you God for these, sacraments, blessings and miracles. Ryan the new father, is awesome with this little one--another blessing. Well, back to reading which is long and hard, but very interesting.

Friday, September 07, 2007

To my son and his new wife

“For two special children”
was the expression written
to the newly-to-be weds.

These words opened a window
letting tears flow
within rows of cards.

Words will never express
what heart thoughts
want to convey:

May blessings full of rich life years
be yours, not strife and confusion.

May every moment be cherished,
the excellent and unpleasant.

May tomorrow be remembered forever
as a day full of foundational blessings.

To my son I will always love you
and to my new daughter I pray
we will share tears of joy
and to both of you I will try
to always be open to understand.

God I ask always bless and keep
these two special children.

Monday, September 03, 2007

A Prayer

Father thank you that you hear
every heart prayer.

Prayers that are not uttered,
the silent ones that rise
from the depth of a broken heart.

Prayers that are full of anguish
and despair followed
with questions of why.

Prayers of thanks for strength
You generously give daily
to make it through.

Prayers of praise for who you are
and thankfulness for the love
you give each day.

Thank you God again
for hearing our prayers
and that we can trust
you will answer.