Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Beginnings

Sacraments, blessings and miracles all within a week! My adopted daughter/friend (long story for another day) Sasha, had another baby on Friday morning August 31. I was her coach and was gifted the privilege of witnessing a new life being born. Teela Robin is now 13 days old, she is my youngest friend and is so tiny! Mom let me cut the umbilical cord; what a wonderful sacrament scene.
The last few weeks have been very full. On Thursday my son and his wife are off to Scotland and then to Rome for three weeks. My job now is to pray hard for this new little life and new marriage, which both have just begun.
Thank you God for these, sacraments, blessings and miracles. Ryan the new father, is awesome with this little one--another blessing. Well, back to reading which is long and hard, but very interesting.

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