Friday, September 07, 2007

To my son and his new wife

“For two special children”
was the expression written
to the newly-to-be weds.

These words opened a window
letting tears flow
within rows of cards.

Words will never express
what heart thoughts
want to convey:

May blessings full of rich life years
be yours, not strife and confusion.

May every moment be cherished,
the excellent and unpleasant.

May tomorrow be remembered forever
as a day full of foundational blessings.

To my son I will always love you
and to my new daughter I pray
we will share tears of joy
and to both of you I will try
to always be open to understand.

God I ask always bless and keep
these two special children.


TS said...

I have not yet encountered that period of my life.

robin sloboda said...

You will! I have three more to go.

I am quiet due to overdue papers. I really need a break from writing papers, but it does keep me close to God.