Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Resurrection

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Concluding thought from my sermon on the Resurrection: Then and Now.
All of the authors that I have read over the last few weeks agree that if there was no resurrection there would be no story, it is as simple as that. Without the resurrection Jesus would have been like other messianic pretenders and would have simply died, end of story. Throughout history faithful witnesses have confessed God’s plan of salvation through Jesus death and resurrection. The central part and core of the Christian faith is the resurrection of Christ.
In Closing I would like to conclude with a thought on how we need to share the light of Christ with not only those within our church, but with the world in which we have influence:
“On Good Friday evening, Greek Orthodox churches have a service. Afterward, the holy picture that represents Christ, decorated with flowers and candles, is brought to the village square. A solemn procession comes from each church; and a brief service is held. Then, on Saturday night, a second service is held. Just before midnight, the church is plunged into darkness. Suddenly, one lighted candle appears in the sanctuary. The worshipers light their own candles from it and pass on the fire to others. Bells ring. Fireworks greet the resurrection. Each person carries his light home. (Ought we all not carry the light of the resurrection and the gospel into our daily lives?) Then, on Sunday morning, another procession retraces the steps of the previous Friday night. This time, it is no flower-covered coffin, but a picture of the risen Lord that is carried. The music is joyful and triumphant. Christ is alive forevermore! The parallels are obvious. With a dead Christ, we are sad; and we live our lives in darkness. With a risen Christ, we are joyful; and we live our lives in the light. It is a light that cannot be kept at church but must be carried home. It is a light that cannot be selfishly hoarded but must be shared with others.” [1]

Happy Easter everyone, blessings and love,


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Charlotte said...

This is a beautiful tradition. I'm glad you shared it with us. We all need to light our candle in this dark world.
Easter blessings,

RCUBEs said...

I went to a Greek Orthodox' service on a Good Friday last year. All I remembered was sitting there, picturing that death was not the end but just the beginning of a bigger victory to come. Jesus' Resurrection is the key for us, Christians. And we are also victorious because of Him. Glory to God. Happy Resurrection day sister and God bless.

sarah said...

beautiful. Happy Easter.

. said...

Nicely done Robin.
I observed this tradition, for the first time, last night...Hope has been given to our world...

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

This sounds like a very emotional 3days. I wish I could just be still,pray,fast and meditate for these 3 days.
God Bless,

Peter Stone said...

Great thoughts, Robin, and I love the picture of each person taking the light home with them. May we always remember to shine Christ's light wherever we go.

God bless :)

Lora said...

I had not heard about the Greek Orthodox traditions for Easter - what a beautiful picture of the parellels of Christ piercing the darkness.

Hope your Easter was blessed.