Friday, October 30, 2009


even when life
comes to a finish
there is still beauty
to be found

in endings

it is here

rhythms of hope
come alive
and new life begins

in under-ground
darkness of winter


sarah said...

so beautiful and gentle yet powerful and healing. Thanks Robin, Sarah

sojourner said...

kind of blue and hopeful at the same time - winter may be harsh this year!

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Oh Robin... Lovely.

Endings are sacramental moments, aren't they?

Robin said...

Hello Sisters on the journey! yes, Jennifer, endings are is to see the beauty when it is harsh. Yvette, I believe you are right, winter might be nasty this year. Sarah...thanks for coming on over.

Prairie Chick said...

Oh, Robin. I LOVE this. I love everything about this.

Robin said...

P.C. All around me death is near, and the snow is falling, but through it all I see the amazing.

cindyhan111 said...

I get this... I really GET this!!! This is sooo good.