Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Buttery Sweet

Today was one of those, you know, when your mind, body, soul, and strength are all in balance. Out of ten it was a nine kind of day. I enjoyed every moment of feeling like I was in balance with life. Totally refreshing! Most days I feel out of balance or something.

Tomorrow is my turn to prepare coffee for our Wednesday morning church staff meeting. I woke up today thinking about making muffins for tomorrow. I believe I was inspired by the movie Julie and Julia to put my baking skills to work. There is something soothing for the soul about baking delicious, buttery sweet, no good for your body baking, while listening to soft Jazz!

I have added a few pictures of my muffins: a while cooling picture, and ready to take in the morning picture. It is enjoyable to share my moment of baking homemade fresh blueberry strudel and apple strudel muffins with all of you. I know why there is a book titled the Joy of Baking…it is good for your soul.

My home smells sweet and I am content! I was thinking, (another inspiration from the J & J movie) it would be great to work through a cookbook, but a healthy one! I know how to make all of the not so good for your heart items. It would be encouraging to learn some new healthy recipes. Oh, in case you are thinking about watching the J & J movie, there are words in the content that they could have left out. The story line was slow but interesting and left me with a few ideas to ponder.

Love to all

P.S. I had tea today with a 92 year old lady today who went to this movie on her birthday last week, how cool is that. We talked about Julia Child and how she wore pearls. Pearls are old school, but still very stylish and classic. I would love to hear what you think about wearing pearls.


RCUBEs said...

Ohh...yummy...those look good!!!I kept planning to watch that movie and never had a chance...I think pearls look elegant. They look clean to me than wearing gold.

Prairie Chick said...

love pearls. Would pick pearls over diamonds any day. =)

Mary said...

All I can say is YUM! Love pearls...they are a classic element of stylish dress and elegance.

God bless,

Annie said...

The muffins look great! Wish I could reach through the screen and grab one to eat! Pearls are so elegant and just make an outfit. I own a fake pearl necklace that I sometimes wear. Makes me feel a bit grand! Which is a big deal as I am a total jean woman!

Charlotte said...

These muffins look soooo good. We enjoyed the Julia movie. I have some nice pearls. I need to get them out and wear them. Haven't worn them in years.

Maria said...

Those look great!! Hope you had a great time!!

Robin said...

Thank you Ladies for your comments on the pearls...I personally love them! Everyone enjoyed the muffins but they preferred the date squares. Love to you all! robin

Girl In a Glass House said...

I love this line "My home smells sweet and I am content" IT is ture. There is something soul satisfying about having a batch of muffins cooling on the counter.

I have still got to go to Julie and Julia but I already know I will love it!

As far as pearls, I used to wear them often...especially with my angora cargigan (or as American say , "sweater coat")Lately I have gone more toward a variety of interesting stones and agates...but weddings and funerals and honest to goodness dinner parties still seem to call for a lovely strand of pearls.