Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kingdom Dream Keepers

After supper tonight, I crashed! I usually do not come home from work tried, but today from having an all day staff retreat, the release from having a paper to write, and being free for the next seven weeks, I fell asleep. It was good for my soul!

I sent my last paper off yesterday to my professor. I am posting a few thoughts from my paper titled, Ethical Issues Concerning Privacy in Care Homes. One is a quote, and the other is a short thought from a book I am currently reading.

I enjoy comments!

“Our society must make it right and possible
for old people not to fear the young or be deserted by them,
for the test of civilization is the way that it cares for its helpless members.”

Pearl Buck, My Several Worlds

"God calls his people to be keepers of the kingdom," as Albert Haase writes in his book, “Living the Lord’s Prayer.” To be a keeper of the kingdom, we need to be people who keep the dream of God alive even when memories are slipping into hidden places of the mind.

As a minister of the Gospel it is my call/ministry to remind those to whom I minister, about the love God. Kingdom keepers pray the kingdom of God to come, into places like care homes, and as they enter they are to plant seeds of peace, love, and justice.

God’s people are called to be constantly aware of his love, loving others no matter what situation they are in or lifestyle they choose, and they are to be totally surrendered to the present, walking in peace and love.

These are characteristics of kingdom dream keepers. One more thing...I really like the thought of being a kingdom dream keeper! I need to write more on this topic.

Pax Robin


Warren Baldwin said...

This is a profound statement: "the test of civilization is the way that it cares for its helpless members.”

I agree with that. The older people are the ones who have passed society and civilization on to us. They deserve our honor and care.

I speak in a care home every month. As I look at some of the aged, withered bodies I think, "Fifty years ago this man/woman was a husband/wife, father/mother. They were young, attractive, active, employed, and the keeper of society. I am here because they were." That keeps things in perspective for me. Good post.

Robin said...

Warren and other who are reading these comments, another book worth reading is by Thomas, William H., M.D.

What are Old People Good For? How Elders will Save the World.

There are some amazing stories to think about deeply.

Like wrinkles...

RCUBEs said...

Ministering to the elderly is another area that I feel I want to do for the Lord aside from working in the prison right now.

When I was an Orthopedic Nurse, I always took the time to talk to elderly patients because I knew that they hungered for companionship, for friendship. What a difference when we honor them, give them the respect that they need. Even the not so loving ones, we can penetrate their hearts with the love that comes from Christ. Like what He wants, always pay back evil with good.

God bless you and may you have restful days to come. Blessings.

Monica Sharman said...

Congratulations for getting the paper out...and for getting sleep!

Andrea said...

AMEN!! "Loving others!!!!" Yes, this is our job and I find no coincidence in this post. It is God's perfect timing.
Please visit my friend at and read the post, "Please Help." She is in desperate need of prayers, encouragement, and verses to get her through this time. THANK YOU!

sojourner said...

I like that thought as well - kingdom dream keeper. You are called into a daunting ministry and God will use you to do a might work I am sure!

Rest ye gentle Robin and arise refreshed

May your wings take you to the glorious heights of His presence

May His Spirit brush the feathers of your heart

and give you gifts to make His dreams come true!

Deborah Ann said...

A 'Kingdom Dream Keeper' yeah. I like the sound of that. Dreaming with God is the real joy of the destiny!

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Even God likes to laugh!