Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Over the last three years, my youngest son has been contemplating enlisting into the Royal Canadian Army. He is now twenty, and decided this summer it was time. We just received a call today that he will be starting his training at the end of September. This means he will be going to Ontario and leaving home for about three years.

As a mom, I am trying to be brave (not showing to much emotion) and encouraging (not saying to much concerning how I really feel.) My husband is being strong and encouraging with his counsel. It is terribly hard sometimes to let your children make choices for their lives that are contrary to what you want for them. I believe, God is in control of my son's life, and this decision will be for God's glory.

One more thought in closing: Over the last few years I have felt a need to either write prayers in a book to share with others or to start a prayer blog. I am not alone in this heart passion. I personally had kept a hard prayer journal for 12 years. I have added a link to my new blog dedicated to prayer and God's word (Feeding a Hungry Soul.) On that site there are other links to friends blogs who have a similar heart call. If you have a prayer blog please let me know and I will add it to the link.

Love Robin


Lora said...

Our oldest daughter and I were just talking this evening about the Lord's leading in her life for her life work. I am trying to be brave and encouraging too! Like you, I also believe that God is in control. May God get all the glory!

Blessings to you!

sojourner said...

I know how you feel about your son. I have 3 and each of them wanted to join the military. Eventually they changed their minds. I was relieved; but, I often feel guility over my selfish desire to keep them home. May you see God's work all over your son's life and may that vision make you brave!

Robin said...

Lora it is good that your can sit with your daughter and talk about where God is leading her concerning her life work and choices...My son has totally pushed into this choice. I know it will be my prayers and faith that under grid him all the way!

Sojourner you are amazing! Here I thought you where young like 20 something with no kids! You have three sounds like we could close in age! I can see God's work all over my son! Another situation in my life to keep me humble and on my knees.

Thank you dear sisters in Christ for your encouragement.

Warren Baldwin said...

This is hard! It makes me think of what it must be like for God to watch us take our first steps. Does he wonder where we will step, and if we will come back? He knows our every anxiety. God bless.

cindyhan111 said...

you are an excellent parent

twofinches said...

I am walking through this with you. My son has decided to join the Navy and likely will be going into training this fall. I am proud and afraid...but Philip is a great young man who is seeking a life with purpose. This is how he feels God is leading. I cannot let my own fear hold him back!

Robin said...

Two Finches will he be going to Comox, B.C.? He is going into the Canadian Navy correct? My eldest son went through the training at Comox but then decided it was not for him. I believe, my youngest will continue on and do very well He is a bright young man who knows what he wants to do. He is my baby so I am having my mama issues of letting go. I know in the depth of my heart that God will get his heart in the army. They asked him what kind of Bible he wanted to take an oath on. When does your son leave? My son goes to Quebec on September 28.

Cindy thank you for the compliment but at times I do not feel like a great parent. However, my son knows we love him.

Warren, you are right how hard it must be for God to watch us as we choose our own way and not his. Thank you for the blessings.

Twofinches thank you for walking along side and thank you to all of you! I was praying Mike would go into the navy but he has always wanted to go into the army. He just finished a commercial cooking class and refuses to be a cook in the Army. He want to be on the front lines...go figure.

We are proud of him. It is hard never the less to walk along side watching our children make mistakes, but the triumphs are worth celebrations.

Lee Beth said...

I have a specific post you could add if you wanted to. You could also check it out yourself too if you'd like. I think it is fitting and is really good words. The link is

Peter Stone said...

Wow, that's a significant step your son is taking, and you are so right about God being in control. But it is hard, watching these things and not knowing the outcome.
Oh, the joys I have to look forward to when my kids get (a lot) older.
God bless :)

RCUBEs said...

I just prayed for you and I wanted to let you know I appreciated your visit and comment. I did answer your comment at my site. Blessings to you sister. "God is always near!"

Robin said...

Thank you RCUBEs, I have my moments of fear entering my blood with the what if's. I can not go there. I need to believe God has him in care.

Blessings to you also!

sarah haliwell said...

It is so hard for mothers to hold the frightening and difficult choices their children make. I just try to keep in my heart that this life is not all there is, and so fears and sorrows that I have for now are but passing clouds across eternity.

Having said that, I am sorry for the sadness you are surely going through.