Friday, July 10, 2009

New Winds are Blowing

A dream or rather a desire I have had for years, since 1999 to be exact, was to go to Kansas City and visited the 24/7 House of Prayer. Over the last ten years numerous 24/7 houses of prayer have appeared around the world. I still have not had an opportunity to be part of 24/7 prayer room. On Tuesday July 7, 2009, the WindFarm Prayer Room was launched. I now can participate in a 24/7 prayer room whenever I am able. I do not need to leave my home to pray with community, and the bonus, I can listen while at my office or out on my deck.

Brian Hardin from the Daily Audio Bible, had a vision for the DAB community coming together in prayer, his vision has come to fruition. And as he mentions often it is only going to grown from here. I have been listening to the WindFarm Radio for several weeks. It is amazing to hear worship music, mixed with prayers prayed by listeners for the DAB community and heart prayers for the world.

If you have not checked out the DAB (Daily Audio Bible) community or the WindFarm Prayer Room they both are worth checking out. You can also listen to Brian read the Daily Audio Proverb.

I believe God is raising up an army of prayer warriors just for a time like this!

If you have been listening the Daily Audio Bible or the Windfarm Radio, it would be great to hear how your life has changed by listening. For myself, I am more constant in my listening/reading of God's word, first by listening to Brian, and then my own study. The WindFarm has added a whole new dimension to my prayer life. It is powerful. I feel like I am part of something BIG. Listening to the DAB and the WindFarm adds power to my own prayer life.

Oh, if you listen to the WindFarm, you might just hear me (Robin from Saskatchewan) lead in prayer! A few funny stories from this journey to date: On Sunday as I was preparing my heart to lead my own church in community prayer, I was listening to the WindFarm. As I was praying, my prayer came over the station, how cool is that! On Tuesday, after the launching of the WindFarm, a friend mentioned that she heard my prayer. If you are inspired by the Holy Spirit, you too can lead the world in prayer. Brian has all the information on the DAB community website.

God is calling us to a deeper relationship with him through prayer. His Spirit is moving around the world, calling His people to prayer. New winds are blowing.

Love to All,


Lee Beth said...

Wow this is a really cool blog. Just checking out new ones and came across yours. Feel free to come check out my little artsy blog if you'd like.

sojourner said...

Fullfilled visions and dreams come one step at a time.

Robin said...

Lee Beth it is nice to meet you and thanks for the inspiration to write some poetry.

sojourner your presence has been missed are right dreams come one step at a time.

BabYpose said...

Prayers does wonders. Just say some prayers, that never forgets. Sometimes need a little reminder like how you did. Cool:)
Loved to see your name at my blog. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

what I lack in prayer sometimes, I have the Holy Spirit interceding for me and what a glorious partner the Holy Spirit is!

It seems I'm in constant communion with God... the 24/7's are a cool concept, and am glad to see they are finding growth.

Lani - the flowerlady said...

sweet Robin. Love the music. We finally got to Kansas again this Christmas for the ONE THING conference and took some time to go to the prayer room. While it's good to be there, you can stream it on your computer with a subscription you can "be" there!


Robin said...

Baby Pose thanks for stopping by...God hears all of our prayers.

Cindy Amen...! The Holy Spirit leads us into all truth and is constantly guiding us and teaching us to pray.

Lani...I going to join the prayer room. I have been following Mike Bickle for ten is so cool we can listen online. I love your heart that is making way for the Bridegroom.

Love to you all...robin