Sunday, June 21, 2009

Entering In

It is late, and as usual this is my favorite time to write. Last week I shared with you a video of my husband catching his first fish of the season. We have been trying to spend time with each other throughout our week. I enjoy joining him in what he likes to do, even if I do not fish! I usually read or write or sleep, last week I took a video. I simply like being in his presence.

Yesterday, Murray surprised me by doing something I enjoy. Near our city, close to the South Saskatchewan river is a barn that has been turned into an eatery, with green houses, and a Saskatoon berry orchard. The Berry Barn has a unique menu, which includes the famous Saskatoon berry pie.

Murray had never been there, we both had a simple supper, which was mushroom soup in a bread bowl. Followed with a berry dessert: My choice was cheesecake with Saskatoon berries, his was a berry surprise crumble. It is great when we can choose to be part of what another enjoys without complaining.

Last week during a staff planning time at my church, it was decided that as a group we would do a group activity each month over the next year. In the fall, as a group we will go to a spa for a pedicure, and we will go paint balling. I believe it is courageous of the men on staff to join the women in some pampering, and the women to get bold and learn to be shot with color.

What a great way to build community! It is amazing how we can become intimate (real) with others by enjoying what they enjoy. It is vital to our marriages, and to our communities to get involved in what others embrace as fun and enjoyment.

In what ways have you been challenged by trying something new that another person enjoys, without complaining? Where in your life have you entered into another persons life by just being there?

This picture was taken out at the Berry Barn, and it was perfect for this post! As I was walking through the green house I noticed this copper couple, the herbs where in front so I moved them out of the way, and the sun was directly upon them casting love on them. At the time I thought it was silly to take a picture of this copper couple! I am thankful I was brave and moved the herbs finding this treasure.

Love joins us together as we share our life with another.

Love from Robin


SILVER said...

This picture just makes me want to cry.

I am happy for friends like you who value their marriage and intimacy.

;) ~Silver

Robin said...

Silver thanks for stopping bye...I love pictures they tell stories words can not! Love to you. robin

diane said...

I love the statues. It is a great illustration of what you are saying.What you are saying is very true too. Your church activities sound like they may be challenging but fun.

much2ponder said...

Thanks for sharing true the words you speak here. My husband and I are about to celebrate 29 years of marriage next week. We both often talk about how fast time goes by. My husband and I like to do many things together even though we both have our own things that we love to do that might not seem important to one another. What I have found is that we just enjoy being together no matter what we are doing. Marriage is one of those funny things we learn and we grow together. Now all of our children are married and we sometimes reminisce about an earlier time in our own marriage. There were times when expectations were out of balance. When one of us or perhaps both of us may have felt our needs or wants were not being met, but those were also the times that taught us the importance of loving one another as we are instead of trying to change one another to meet our own needs. I can honestly say that we both enjoy being together no matter what we are doing. No matter where we are or what we are doing, it feels like home if we are together. This post blessed me today. :)

Beth in NC said...

I love that sculptured couple too. What an awesome picture. I guess the sacrifice I make for my hubby is going to the mountains with him every couple of weeks when I am a beach person. :o) I have been to farm shows and auctions -- totally for him.

He has been coming to some meetings with me ... which has been a blessing.

Thanks for sharing with us.


sojourner said...

sounds like a fun staff experience - in answer to your question - it's been a long long time - hope things are going well for you in school :0)

Saleslady371 said...

I'm intrigued with your church's challenge. Ithink your post makes an excellent point for marriages. I accompany my husband when he target shoots. It's better than paddling on the river with oars.

Love ya,

Sarah Dawn said...

Thanks for splashin' me today with your sweet comments on my blog. I love that pieces of your heart are captivated by the older generation. It just makes me smile to think of the gifts and talents God has placed in all of us, truly His body.

Hugs from this missionary mommy,
Sarah Dawn

Andrea said...

What an awesone surprise. Beautiful post. Blessings,andrea