Wednesday, June 24, 2009


A simple photo, a few online tools, a bit of creativity, and I made my own poster. How cool is that! The quote is completely mine. "Yeah for me." However, my butterflies are not moving, I will need to work on making them bling.

Pax Robin


Warren Baldwin said...

I like it! Sorry I'm so late getting back here ... I didn't realize you started posting again. The fishing looks like fun.

I'll be back, and welcome back.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to point out that like all seedlings in the grow, there is bling peeking through from the sun dancing on the ground! I like it!

sojourner said...

yeah you! i like the thought of looking for "bling" in my life - :0)

Robin said...

Warren, thanks for coming on over! I am still writing but my mind needs to write what is touching my heart.

Cindy yesterday I realized that all around us light we can not even see is being poured out upon the earth, creating beauty and we are so unaware. Your poetry is amazing.

Sojourner my friend, the bling is there...

Love to you all..robin