Sunday, May 24, 2009

Global Day of Prayer Incentives

On May 18th, I posted a youtube announcement for the Global Day of Prayer on May 31, 2009. I did not take the time to see if there was a link for prayer incentives to lead a group.

Yipeng from Mark by Faith posted a link for prayer guides and audio prayers for the next 10 days. If you are interested it is never to late to start. He is posting the daily prayer on his blog, it can also be found through this link:

Global Day of Prayer Incentives for the next 10 days.
Script and Audio Prayers: Many people will not be able to physically attend the 10 Day Prayer gatherings or the Global Day of Prayer event. In order to include these people, we have incorporated audio recordings and the accompanying scripts of prayers for each of the 10 Days, the Prayer for the World as well as a Radio Advertisement to be used in Radio broadcasts, hospitals, prisons etc.

I am going to use the daily prayer guide during my own prayer time, since I do not have contact with a local prayer group focused on this day. Sunday May 24, is day 4 in the 10 day incentive before May 31.

Thanks yipeng for the link...if you have not visited Mark by Faith it is a site worth visiting.

I am going encourage/challenge a few senior's I know to have a Global day of prayer in their seniors retirement home.

Day 1:

Thursday 21 May 2009. REVIVE!

Our Father who is in heaven…

Father God, You are the creator and father of all nations. You sustain us by the power of your word. We acknowledge that You alone are worthy to receive all praise and honour and glory.

As Christians from around the world, we enter into your presence through the new and living way that Jesus Christ opened for us by his blood, to kneel at the throne of grace. We pray that you will revive the Church again through your Holy Spirit. Answer the prayer of Jesus that we, as Church, will unite and stand as one family before You. We pray for those believers who had fallen away that You will draw them back to You and bring them to repentance.

You are faithful and true to your promises. Please reveal to us your loving, compassionate and merciful father’s heart. Help us to obey your commandments and to trust You completely for our salvation, our sanctification and our daily walk. Touch the hearts of millions of believers around the world to persist in prayer until we see the fulfilment of all your promises.

Release fresh movements of prayer in every nation of the world so that this generation may accomplish the purposes You have for each one of us.

Here am I, Lord, send me.

In Christ Name. Amen.


Maria said...

what a beautiful blog!
Good Bless!

yipeng said...

Thanks Robin =]

Don't worry, I listen occasionally to this playlist too =]

Robin said...

Thanks Maria for the encouragement, and yipeng, this list is actually the one I prefer.

Warren Baldwin said...

We can never get enough reminders, incentives and encouragement for prayer. Thank you.

sojourner said...

thank you for including this in your blog!

much2ponder said...

Praying in agreement with your prayer. Amen! Thank you for posting this.

Lora said...

Amen to your sweet prayer Robin.

Alleluiabele said...

Hi Dear Friend,

I haven't been on any site for a while until now. It's extremely late and I can't sleep. My husband has been ill and still is so I've been blogging about him pretty much for the past week for prayers. It's been stressful and exhausting as I haven't felt well myself. I, too, have been having problems for the past week and a half with my webpage, but I understand that it is a problem with Internet Explorer and Blogger, which they are trying to fix. If you have a hard time getting into my site, that is why.

I've missed so many people going to their sites and reading what's going on their lives. I wanted to let you know that I've missed you dear friend and that I love you sister!

Love, peace and prayers,

Robin said...

Hey all thanks for posting your comments. Alle sounds like we have had the same kind of week. My connections were down for 24 hours, it was a service problem. The peace with not hookup for TV or internet was a reprieve from all the noise and the to do list on the net. I have also been very sick. My husband said I sound and look better today. Yeah!

I am praying for you and your husband.

I found a global prayer gathering in my city, and will try to attend.

yipeng said...

I brought 2 of my youth for a GDOP (Youth) meeting. Much too noisy and jumping up and down for me... But it was intense and I am glad we went. :)

Robin said...

I know if I go the same thing will take place. Within the movement God transforms hearts. I am of the conservative type also but a little with of the charismatic in my life does the spirit good! I believe however we pray jumping up and down, or in a contemplative state, God's hand is moved.

Robin said...

yipeng thanks for sharing your experience.