Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Seven Weeks of Easter

Over the last few weeks I have been searching for ideas and resources on celebrating the weeks of Easter. Today in our staff meeting, one of the pastors in my church read the introduction from a resource, by Christine Sine. There are several great ideas for leading prayer groups and small groups or just for personal use.

Resource from Mustard Seed Associates A Journey Into God's Resurrection-Created World. An Easter Celebration Guide

A summary from the web page: This Easter guide provides a focus on different areas of celebration for each of the seven weeks of Easter—the celebration of God’s love for us, Christ’s call to compassion, hospitality, community, health and wholeness, the blossoming of creation, the communion table feast. The last section focuses on the celebration of Pentecost.


Andrea said...

Thank you for sharing. Andrea

Robin said...

Andrea thanks for coming is amazing how community is build on the internet. I am using a few of the ideas from the resource in my devotional tomorrow.