Monday, March 16, 2009

I Found my Soul

I found my soul trapped
in a colossal glass jar
with her lid securely
glued on. Within this
optical illusion
my souls imagination
with prolific words
desperate to escape

through lonely days
my soul waited secretly
for a moment
when the top
would open
to provide freedom

from captivity

Then I saw my soul
standing so alone
within this solid glass wall

nowhere to hide or flee
from confusion and shame
both were present
with an impious plan
to destroy all creativity
from my souls

I tried with all my strength
to turn the lid, but
it would not budge

I cried out for help
with hope
that perhaps someone
would hear my heart cry
to release stress and pain
setting my soul free
from tight conditions
that were slowly
smothering my deprived
and exhausted soul

Within a twinkle of time
a Master Poet heard my cry
His love and grace moved
and covered the lid
it popped open
with immense force

setting my soul free
to soar above confinements
of this optical glass illusion
to be creative and whole


I took up the poetry challenge L.L. Barkat offered on, Seedlings in Stone, Thursday, March 12, 2009.

Post titled, Grace is a Painted Woman: Unfolding Imagination.

The topic: Finding my soul.

I am done my will stay this way for now.


Alleluiabelle said...

Oh My Robin...This touched me so deeply, so very, very deeply. God has given you such a talent with your thoughts and your pen. You reached my soul as I connected with you while I read this. Thank you for such a beautiful description of finding your soul and being set free. Again, absolutely beautiful.


Katrina said...

Wow! That is incredible... even if it is only your rough draft. I especially feel the last 4 lines... beautiful.

Thank you for stopping by today at my blog and for you heartfelt words in the comment box... it is always exciting to meet another who like to be creative. *warm smile*

Robin Sloboda said...

Katrina thanks for stopping by and for the encouraging comment. I am now finished and will not be editing further. I wonder if we live in the same Prairie Province???

L.L. Barkat said...

I like the beginning...

I found my soul trapped
in a colossal glass jar

Welcome, too, to High Calling Blogs.

Bradley J Moore said...

Nice! I like your web design to (jealous!)

Very heart-felt poetry - I bet this was a therapeutic experience too.
Thanks for sharing so deeply. I love the raw emotions.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Robin!