Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pass on Love

What a week! Learning patience perhaps, but love is what motivated this grandma of choice, to open her home and heart. My journey with Sasha (mom), and her two daughters, Haliey (5) and Teela (18 month's), has been an interesting adventure. I have written about them in past posts.

Sasha came into our life five and a half years ago when Haliey was three months old. Mom was a struggling single eighteen year old who was trying to raise a child on her own. Haliey entered our life and we have never let go. My husband and I intentionally choose to become grandparents of choice. On the ongoing drama-journey with Sasha, Sunday night March 8th, brought forth a new dimension to the plot.

Please know as you read this story of life, it is love (Jesus) that guides my husband and I. All glory belongs to God; he is the one who has given us the resources and compassion to open our life to a widow and two orphans.

I have decided life (God) likes to throw humor my way. On Saturday night coming home on the bus from Regina, a young child did not stop talking for three hours. I was sitting comfortably in the front of the bus contemplating how thankful I was my children are fully grown, no more long hours of endless chatter or crying. On Sunday night Sasha’s roommate (Teela’s dad) kicked them out of their home. Sunday was the start of a cold spell in Saskatchewan; I will never understand how someone could do this to a mom and her children.

Murray and I both know, without a single doubt that we are these little ones angels here on earth. Justice and mercy is what we have been called to walk in. All of the above makes no sense, logic is not our response it is our hearts that are directing our decision to open our home and life to this young mom and her children. I know this is a very brief overview of what is happening in my life, but it leads to being able to share a poem written with Haliey and Teela in mind.

Pass on Love

Sounds of lovebirds
in preparation
for future day
when their squawks and squeals
turn into a beautiful sound
that will inspire hearts
to seek truth

woke me out of a sound sleep.

Little squawks and squeals
filled my home all day
to bring remembrance
of a life once full
with four little lovebirds
of my own
who learned
to sing fragrant songs
of love well.

My prayer for these two
little untrained birds

who have come to stay

who have awaken lessons
once learned
like patience,
kindness, and love

my desire is to serve
you both well
teaching you ways of love

as we walk together
through long days full
of spilled milk and cereal,
snotty noses,
mixed with little squawks and squeals
to treasure and hold near
until a day…

when you both learn
how to sing your own
love song well.

By Robin Sloboda

James 1:27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

This is my prayer.

Until later...Robin


Billy Coffey said...

That's a lovely poem.

How nice to become grandparents of choice. I really, really like that line.

deb said...

Beautiful Robin!

Alleluiabelle said...

As deb said above, absolutely beautiful Robin! What beautiful hearts the Lord has created in you and your husband. He uses both of you to fulfill a part of His divine purpose in the precious lives that you have taken underneath your wings on this earth. He is well pleased Robin, well pleased!

Lord, I pray that you guide Robin and her husband in all ways and that you will bless them abundantly as they in turn abundantly bless the lives of this precious mom and her two children that you so intricately created by your hand. We give you all the praise, the honor and the glory in Jesus precious name. Amen!

Love & Blessings,