Monday, March 23, 2009

His Garden

Lately my days have not been going as planned. It seems most days are completely out of control. I believe this is the way it is when you have a house full of people living with you. Last week had been exhausting but fulfilling at the same time, and I would not want it any other way. Having family near is one of the most important things in my life.

After having Haliey all to myself yesterday, I was tempted to stay home from church to catch up on my studies. However…my heart convicted me. I needed to attend, community is important. Church is where I can reflect, worship, be with others who are seeking and loving God, and to let the message go deep into my soul. Also, Haliey loves attending kids church.

I am thankful I attended. I had an opportunity to speak with a woman who I have never met. She is on my list,must connect with, but I have not been able to connect for various reasons. By being obedient and attending church today, a contact was made that otherwise would not have happened.

What is incredible about all of this is when I came home and read Brian Hardin’s weekly post he had a similar experience, how cool is that! Than to top it off, while he was writing his thoughts he was listening to Misty Edwards singing "Garden."

If you would like to listen to Misty’s song it is the first one playing on my new play-list. I happened to be listening to her song today also. Amazing.

If you have not checked out the Daily Audio Bible, produced by Brian Hardin I highly recommend checking out the DAB site. I am being rather redundant mentioning the DAB so often, the reason is listening to the bible daily has changed my life. There is something about listening to God's word being read aloud that is not the same as reading yourself.

Brian’s daughter China reads with her dad on the Kids DAB. I rather enjoy listening to the Kids DAB with little Haliey. China and Brian make us laugh and help us to have our own conversation over what has been read. Parents this an amazing way to spend time with your child listening to God’s word being read. It is a great tool for Grandparents too!

I am blessed that my days are filled with unexpected interruptions they make life extremely interesting. I am blessed that I have the Holy Spirit to convict my heart to be obedient to God’s word. I am blessed to have a house full of young people longing to belong, and to be cared for even if means dying to myself. I am blessed to be part of amazing communities: my church family, Daily Audio Bible, Carey Theological College Regina Campus, and High Calling Blogs.

And most of all I am extremely blessed to be God’s garden, Christ within me, hope of His Glory.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful blogpage and post here! I love the heart drawn into the sand upon the beach on your header, and the brown color of the entire blogpage design.

It sounds like you are a busy gal. Is Hailey your daughter? She sounds very sweet. How old is she?

I have added your page to my Feed Reader, so I will be receiving updates of each of your posts.

~Amy :)
Walking In The Spirit

Alleluiabelle said...

Oh Robin, again I am filled here. By being obedient, God has put people across my pathways as well when least expected. After reading this, I realized that I need to share some of those experiences that I have had as well on my site. When we obey His commands and are obedient to His will, there is always someone who comes out of the experience so blessed, and with that said, He deserves all of the praise, honor and glory, doesn't He?

What a way to begin my day reading your posting here. Thank you Lord for such a fine woman that you created so perfectly by your hand for she is a reflection of you and who you want us all to be.

Hugs & blessings,

Robin said...


Thanks for stopping bye. I know it is strange but Haliey's mom spelled her name backwards...

Haliey is a grandaughter of choice. It is a long story--her and her mom and now Teela have been in our life for over five years.

My husband and I are H & T's angels in the flesh.

I am not used to having seven people living in my small home, but love has away of making room for everyone.

I can not come online for the rest of the is a study day.

Robin said...


Thanks for being comrade in the journey of life. I enjoy visiting your space also...

Your Sister in Christ


sojourner said...


It was a joy having you leave prints in His Garden! I popped in for a peek at your place and what did I find???? "Garden" a wonderful new song that has gone straight to my heart!!! Thank you for the blessing and the encouraging words I have found in this place. I will be back and look forward to getting to know you more.

Crystal Waring said...

I agree, I was drawn to the sand!
And, I think I just found a favorite song. Garden. Beautiful!