Thursday, March 19, 2009

High Calling Blogs

I joined the High Calling Blogs this week, the reason is that over the last few month's I have had a nudge in my heart it was time to connect my blog to other blogs. I believe, God might use this blog to encourage and inspire, and lead others close to His heart.

It is encouraging to belong to a group of writers who have the same calling, and love God with all of their hearts. I pray as I post on my blog what I write will bring glory to my Father in heaven, and each word will be Holy Spirit inspired. My desire is to follow Christ each day obeying and trusting He is leading me step by step, at work, in community, and at home.

Pax Robin


Padre Warren said...


I, like you, see God calling us to reach out and learn from one another. The blogosphere can be endlessly narcissitic or it can be a new place of dialogue (and everything in between).

I'll keep my eye on your musings and trust God will inspire.

Thanks for looking in on Breaking Fast on the Beach.

Aaron said...

Hey Robin,
Welcome to High Calling Blogs (and thanks for taking a moment to comment on the book review at my site.) I hope many are inspired by your blog :)

Enjoy your day,


Wickle said...

Hey, welcome to High Calling Blogs! I joined a few months ago, and I think it's been wonderful. Following everyone else in the network -- which now includes you -- has shown me some really great blogging.


Nola said...

Hi Robin, Thanks for checking out Nola's Devotionals and for leaving the thoughtful comment. I am new to High Calling Blogs, too. I joined for the same reasons you did. I just read your first few postings this morning and I look forward to taking time to peruse the rest of your blog very soon! Pax, Nola

Robin said...

I am overwhelmed with all of the comments thanks everyone. I know this will be an interesting journey through blogworld reading and posting.