Sunday, March 08, 2009

Down Time

Last night when I arrived home from Regina at around 8:30 p.m. my husband was kind and thoughtful, he made a light supper for us. A friend in Regina had made me a snack, but in my hast to catch the bus I forgot the treat. Ugh! After our relaxing meal I went to turn on my computer, it simply would not turn on or connect. I believe, a Trojan virus must have entered unawares to me.

With the arise of this new dilemma it has had me thinking that is a good time to slow down and take time off the computer for the next few days. Working on my husbands laptop is just not the same as my good and faithful PC.

My class was full of information that I need to still process and work into my life. One thing the professor said as we were leaving the class that had me in agreement was: "At this age, I will not be perfect!" I am trying understand this and slowly I am realizing there simply is no way to be perfect...or at least in this world.

The goal is to rest in the fact that I am who God has made me to be, I will obey His word and ways to the best of my ability until the day my journey here is finished. For now I will try to be aware of sin like trojan viruses that enter into my personal life daily. Then when I finally arrive in heaven perfection will come fully.

I will write when it is possible, until then I will be trying to catch up on my reading and find someway to start writing my papers. I really do not like typing on the laptop, however I am grateful I have a way to connect and write.

We are going to purchase a virus scanner today...hopefully this is the cause for no connection to the source. It is amazing how this is just like sin, we need God's grace and mercy to wipe over us through repentance to restore our connection with Christ.

I could keep on writing...later, robin


deb said...

I Robin,
It was a good class wasn't it.

There is a free virus protection program that automatically does updates so you are always covered. Google AVG and you should find it. Peace to you as you rest and settle in.

Robin Sloboda said...

The thing is you need to connect to get on the internet to download the protection. I have AVG already. We need to take it in...we may need to wipe the hard drive or restore the system with windows. We have tried but with no success.

Thanks for the input, Deb.

I really enjoyed Benno's sense of humor and insight on several topics he touched on.

One thing I have been reflecting on is we really need to be sensitive to how we treat others and the doctrines we embrace.

I enjoyed having lunch with the girls.

Alleluiabelle said...

I'm sorry your computer is down. It's great to have a backup though, isn't it? I don't have a backup and Praise The Lord I've never had a virus (fingers crossed). I always buy my security software. The one that I am currently using now is Kaspersky Internet Security, Version 7.0. It works great for my machine. I look forward in reading more of your postings.


Robin Sloboda said...

Hi Alleluiabelle, Yes it is good to have a backup--I have my office computer but have never really gone on my blog at work. I think the hardest thing is not being able to navigate as smoothly as with my other computer. My computer is taking more than a virus scanner.

Thanks for visiting my have encouraged me to keep on writing.