Thursday, March 26, 2009

Can Twitter Help Improve Writing Skills?

Twitter makes you a better writer according to Copyblogger by:

Forcing you to be concise, exercise your vocabulary, and helps improve your editing skills.

I have been using Twitter for several month's and I agree with all of the above.


yipeng said...

Are you serious? Wow.. I always thought of twitter as too fast for my liking :)

Robin said...


I have never thought of it as too fast. A twitter blog to check out is by an American Poet/Writer Dave Bonta. Each morning he twitters what he captures from his front porch.

Oh, I long to live in the country. P.C. if you know of a house for sale near you let me know. I am done with living in the city.

Dave Bonta's twitter:

His web site via negative is one of my favorite writing/poetry sites.

Robin said...

As I read the article on copyblogger an interesting and creative idea they had last year for twitter was to write Haiku.

sojourner said...

i'm just hearing about tweeting - the Haiku idea sounds like a creative challenge

Alleluiabelle said...

I don't twitter and never will, but say, "Yahoo" for those who do!

God bless you blogging friend.