Friday, February 27, 2009

Still Working on Psalm 8

I have always been encouraged when missionary's or pastors share their bible notes. Here are mine, they are simple but perhaps they will encourage you to gather your own.

Feb 26--I have memorized the first two verses. I need to let this Psalm go deep into my soul.

In verse two it says out of the mouth of babies and infants...

God uses us even when we are weak and when we believe we do not know anything. When we praise God and lift Him high above all other things on earth He is glorified. His strength is revealed. He makes room through praise, for us to grow, and show forth His power.

Prayer: God you are good. Your ways are perfect bringing wholeness to the heart, mind, soul, and body. Only you are worthy to receive praise. Your name is Majestic and Holy throughout the whole earth.

God silence all of your enemies who roar like lions in the minds of people. Arise silencing all that arises above you within my own life. For those areas where the enemy of my soul comes in to kill goodness, reveal to me how to turn to you, letting go, and praise You with all of my heart.

Three divisions in this Psalm.

1. God's name is powerful and is able to pull down all strongholds the enemy tries to bring upon a soul. vs 1-2

2. Realizing humanities place in created order. God loves people, and has placed us in authority over His creation. vs 3-8

3. The Psalmist closes this Psalm praising God. vs 9

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