Thursday, February 26, 2009

Journey towards Wholeness

Over the last week my body has been crying out that all is not well, that I am out of balance, or perhaps missing something. I asked God what was needed to bring balance to my mind, body, heart, and soul. The word that resonated within my heart was simply, “pray.” I read a devotional today by Julian of Norwich that sums up perfectly what I need and is in alignment with what I received during prayer, it is also is in alignment with what is found in God's word, the Bible.

The Best Prayer—By Julian of Norwich

The best prayer is to rest in the goodness of God, knowing that that goodness can reach down to our lowest depths of need.

Be still, and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10a

I am going to linger in God’s presence over the next four days taking the time to watch the goldfinches as Mary Oliver reminds us in her poem, “Invitation.” God is always inviting us to come, to rest, and follow Him even in the midst of our ever-increasing busy lives. My problem is I love all that life has to offer, but I must remember I can not embrace it all. The answer I received to simply “pray” was not what I expected, but I know God desires me to come and wait upon Him.

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, all the thoughts and devotionals I read all referred back to realign yourself with God. Lent is a period of time we can set aside, not just to give up something, but also to ask God to bring a change of heart. Yes, prayer, confession of sins, giving thanks, and fasting are all part of the journey but they are to bring change of heart not to show how religious we are. The question I am asking today is what is oppressing me and what do I do that oppresses others.

My desire for the next four days and for the entire journey through Lent (40 days) and Easter is that God will awaken all of me (mind, body, heart, and soul) to have a deeper and closer walk with Him. That He will cleanse me and purify me from all the oppressing things that keep me at a distance, and bring wholeness by saving me from myself!

A dear friend sent me this poem yesterday by Whittler (I do not have a title or date) it is worth reading through, reflecting upon Christ and asking the Holy Spirit to guide.

He walked by faith and not by sight,
By love and not by law;
The presence of the wrong or right
He rather felt than saw.

And, pausing not for doubtful choice,
Of evils great or small,
He listened to that inner voice
Which called away from all.

O Spirit of that early day,
So pure and strong and true,
Be with us in the narrow way
Our faithful fathers knew.

Give strength the evil to forsake,
The cross of truth to bear,
And love and reverent fear to make
Our daily lives a prayer.

Blessings to all who read my thoughts concerning my journey, and I pray God’s grace upon you as you travel closer to God’s heart. I am grateful God has given my body the ability to cry out, my soul and heart grace to stop and wait, and my mind the wisdom to listen.

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