Saturday, January 24, 2009

Trying to Blog

A strange thing, four years ago I would blog everyday and was prolific in my writing, but today the words do not come as easily. I am trying to hand write three pages a day and writing in the hard journal is not as intimidating as the online journal. I believe the reason is knowing no one will read my entries, this has a releasing power. I still would like to post more on my blog.

The original name for this blog was walking with Yeshua. I can not change the name on the URL, as I contemplate this perhaps the name should stay in the original form. I do walk with Jesus daily and my words will reflect my journey with Him.

I believe the first step to walking with Christ daily is getting totally grounded in God's word. I am thankful I can read it freely without persecution.

Over the last few days I was convicted that I need to start prayer walking again, and that was another reason I named this blog walking with Yeshua.


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