Friday, January 23, 2009

Totally Confused

The whole world of media on the internet has advanced way beyond what I can comprehend. I seem to have lost something over the last year. Blogger is totally confusing. I used to be able to move around in the template adding and eliminating, but now it is beyond me. I am perplexed.

It is easier to write a paper.

I have two weeks before my next class starts, and I believe I need to just be for a week.

I thought I would treat myself and take a workshop on intercession, but it was also confusing and not the direction I sense God leading. Not the intercession, just the method used in the class. I believe I am more contemplative than charismatic.

All this is leaving me exhausted and needing to trust God is directing.

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Anonymous said...

Love your new look. Glad you are back. I enjoy your musings.