Monday, January 26, 2009


Reading through my notes written/taken as I work through "Preaching" by Calvin Miller, I found a statement that is absolutely true.

"Resources are an automatic part of who they are (who I am), having been gained in the sweat of personal study."

Over the last month, the personal sweat from study has been the price paid for all I gleaned through the reading. Charles Colson's book, "Loving God" brought clarity to several questions I had, and transformation to my soul. Colson's book has been part of my library for over ten years, I had missed out on the treasure all these years. Maybe I will look at this another way: I was not ready to read his book until now.

Another point from Calvin Miller: Two keys to analyzing sermon makers: One, they must be in love with God, and two, they must love ALL those who God loves.

Interesting. Sounds like a scripture verse I know.


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