Sunday, January 25, 2009

Notes from Church

The title of the sermon today (January 25, 2009) “Grace Without Compromise.” Lou Leventhal the morning lead pastor had reflections on how to react when we see sinful behavior in others. You can listen to the sermon online from Emmanuel Baptist Church Saskatoon website. The text today was from John 8:1-11. These reflections are from my notes and will have a touch of paraphrasing added.

When we see sinful behavior in others, 10 suggestions:

1. Ask God to examine your own heart sins.
2. Confess and repent of any sin the Holy Spirit reveals to you.
3. Thank God for His forgiveness, for His cleansing, and for His grace in your life.
4. Ask yourself if it is really sin. Pray the Holy Spirit will bring conviction to this brother or sister.
5. Ask God how He wants to use you. He may ask you to pray.
6. Pray for humility, kindness, love, grace, and right heart motives, with the desire to bring restoration and wholeness.
7. Ask your friend when would there be a good time to chat.
8. When you speak—speak in love.
9. Be available. Assure the person you love them unconditionally.
10. Regardless of how the person responds continue to pray for them.

I found these reflections helpful, noticing six of these points have to do with getting us right before God and others before we even enter into pointing out sin in another.

God your grace still amazes me!


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