Wednesday, August 20, 2008

marvelous blessings

11. Connecting with my older friends.
12. Listening to amazing life stories of others.
13. Sharing a meal with Dr. Gerald and Hilda and who poured love into my life today.
14. Also Dr. Nickorick who is a soul friend and great listener.
15. She can not stand my flops, so we laughed together anyway!
16. I am grateful for my job and my colleagues.
17. Tonight, I enjoyed my second hamburger of the season, it was delicious and huge.
18. Encouraging words and many hugs.
19. Having dinner with Murray who couldn't believe I ate the whole burger.
20. Giving away love.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

going home

What a great week for weather here on the Prairies, almost the end of August and summer has arrived. Go figure!

A thought from my devotional time today:

They are blessed who keep God's commandments.

Teach me Father to love You, praise You, and to pray to You.

I have the love and the praying going rather smoothly but am out of balance in the praise area. My desire is to cultivate a grateful heart. A few blessings I am grateful for today:

1. Growing older with Murray.
2. Being able to work with seniors.
3. Watching people interact with each other showing love and understanding.
4. Cooking a goofing meal after a long day!
5. On a journey that has no directions.
6. Meeting with many new people and investing into their life's.
7. Having my own vehicle so I can help out my children.
8. Being able to love God with all of my heart, mind, soul, and strength.
9. Laughing off my many mistakes.
10.Being completely spent for the day!



Learning to travel a new road in ministry is interesting and overwhelming all at the same time. Leaning on Jesus is the only way through.

I love to be adventurous with blogger there have been several new changes. I enjoy having music on my blog, definitely a new journey for tomorrow, my brain is done for today.

It is refreshing to have free moments to be creative. Tonight, I was challenged to start quilting again however, classes will be starting soon and back to no more time.

For now I will rest and have moments to explore!

Friday, August 15, 2008

The River Bend at Dusk

It is great being slightly free from papers and such, however my home is an absolute mess! I do feel creative, which brings healing to my tried soul. My project is to write a sermon for Sunday with God's help it will come together easily and hopefully make sense. I totally love this country, and this place where hardly anyone goes.

Prairie Sunset

An adventure down to the river at dusk is a first! The sky was painted in beautiful majestic tones--I am glad I went on this journey. My God's third place looks extremely different at nightfall.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

God is breaking my heart!

Going through my pictures from seniors camp brought great joy to my heart. I love this picture! The sun is reflecting off my friend in amazing ways...

Loving all the senior's God has brought my way has been such a gift. I am tried but it is a good tried. They are all so special...and have such rich life's.

It feels good to be finished my major paper for this season, however I have many other papers and books to read before summer is over!

Sitting at the river yesterday surely was a gift from God!

Having tea with my older sisters in Christ today filled me up completely.

Thank you Father God for all the graces you give us daily. Your blessings come in many shapes and sizes and if we are willing to take the challenge to love well you keep leading...Jesus I love you. Amen.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Healing in God's Thrid Place

In a third place fashioned by God, I sat
on a high rock near where a river bends.
Wind and sun do a dance of healing on
a soul that has become parched and thirsty.

Time in silence with a light breeze softly
flowing, sunlight tossed without care.
Reflection upon a steady craziness from
daily life is washed away by a jazzy harmony.

Set aside without noise or pressure, nature
reveals her best attire in shades of green,
sprinkled with purples and yellows. Here in
this place love unfolds, to be slowly tasted.