Thursday, August 16, 2007


Passage begins alone, yet within a sphere of care
learning to walk through a delusion of emotions,
questions, banks and lawyers, to land face down
in exhaustion. In this place, invisible wings lift up

covered in devotion, strength is poured out entirely
enabling movement forward. Prayers are heard
simply answered causing the Fathers heart to break

crashing down tears, ministering angels surround,
His spirit spreads peace to comfort broken hearts,
closure comes unwanted but essential to move on.

Mari you live so far away I can not see your face or give you a hug, but I can pray and cry tears of love. As this day unfolds, and Marius's body is viewed, my prayer is that God's love will be so thick, that all in the room will know without question that Jesus is there. God protect my friend and her children as they walk through the next few days.


TS said...

this is nice, Robin

robin sloboda said...

I have not read this poem in over a week -- I have tears in my eyes again. Thanks Marvin