Friday, July 20, 2007


"I will call upon the LORD,
who is worthy to be praised:
so shall I be saved from my enemies…

The LORD lives;
and blessed be My rock;
and let the God of my salvation
be exalted."
(Psalms 18:3,46)


signs all around, can you see?
can you hear? do you care?

she is a harlot among nations
apathetic in nature,
her heart is cold,
her body asleep,
supplications are only a whisper.

let grace surround completely
hedging in Shimon Peres to see truth,
desiring good
not corruption
that has drawn others underground
towards darkness. Keep Golan Heights,
ancient Bashan, part of Israel – forever.

“Peace, Peace,” they shout,
when there is none to be found.

Wake up, wake up,
wash your eyes
watch and pray,
watch and pray.

Fulignous colour looms over the sun,
causing the silver moon not to shine,
stars have lost there twinkle
blinded by false light.

Wake up, wake up,
wash your eyes
watch and pray,
watch and pray.

change is drawing near,
hold the battle axe up high
letting it shine forth glory.

July 20, 2007 – R.Sloboda

"It is of the LORD'S mercies
that we are not consumed,
because His compassion's fail not.

They are new every morning:
great is Your faithfulness."
Lamentations 3:22-23

Can a corrupt tribunal have any part with you, one which frames evil into law? They conspire against the just and condemn the innocent to death. But the Lord has become my stronghold, and my God the rock of my trust. He will turn their wickedness back upon them and destroy them in their own malice; the Lord our God will destroy them.
Psalm 94:20-23

In the evening, in the morning, and at noonday,
I will complain and lament, and he will hear my voice.
Psalm 55:18

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