Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Time of Healing

Recovery has been like a dream
one moment all seems real
wrapped entirely in normal

then without warning
invisible hands that heal
escort deeper into warm
tranquil waters of compassion,
care, comfort, and calm

releasing a time of rest
from all
that once had total focus

to a place of lingering longer
in a daydream. Where
revival of being, begins…

July 18, 2007


TS said...

I think you will be the mystic among us.

robin sloboda said...

One day my poetry will reflect the writings of St. Franciss, little Flower, Madame Guyon, Brother Lawerance and my friend Merton; perhaps it already does?

Did you notice all my favortie Christian mystics are Catholic? I am still looking for a spiritual director hopefully she will be a nun,it will be interesting to see how God grants this one.

Yes, Robin the mystic fits well...