Thursday, July 26, 2007

Prayer Journey

Last weeks prayer journey project sparked a new desire in those who participated, to journey out into their communities to impact them through prayer on a more regular basis. The blessing that has been given to me is that others have picked this up, have owned it and are going into communities praying with insight.

Earlier today, a friend and I went out for our own journey, what a beautiful morning, God’s goodness was all around us. When I arrived home I looked up the word good in the dictionary, here is what Webster’s has to say: Good: effective, efficient, beneficial, valid, real, healthy or sound, enjoyable, pleasant, reliable, thorough, virtuous, devout, kind, dutiful, proper, correct, skilled, considerable, well.
I believe, these words describe our God perfectly! We also enjoyed the benefits that come from walking and friendship…

If you have not been out on a prayer journey into your community, why not try it? Ask God where to go, who to take, how to go and to open your eyes and ears to the world around you as you journey out. When you pray on site with insight it is amazing how the spirit will lead you to pray for specific needs in your community. I encourage anyone who reads this post to try it and I would love to hear how it went and what insights the Lord presented.

Some sites to check out to prepare for the journey:

My body feels refreshed from an hour of walking and being in God’s presence as we prayed.
Did you know you can even pray in the rain!
“The heavens are Yours, the earth also is Yours; The world and all its fullness, You have founded them.” Psalm 89:11

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