Tuesday, July 17, 2007

One World

Numerous worlds within one
contain diverse faces
each with a similar outline for life.

Fascination with differences
create room for wonder
layered among a smile
and twinkle.

One life tries to understand
and befriend others, only to
experience walls of isolation
from crowded places.

Fear and anxiety,
mixed with different cultures
cause uneasy emotions.

Community is a place to walk
through walls that separate
discovering purpose
and significance.

Linking many worlds within one,
connecting cultures,
breaking down fear,
washing away anxiety,

here hope is found for a dying world.

July 16, 2007, R.S.


TS said...


A very nice addition to the voices.
I'll hook your site as one of my favorites.

robin sloboda said...

Thanks Marvin!

You and Charlie have encouraged me through your songs...

To let go of fear and begin to sing...once again.

The words will not be as prolific as the two of you! But then...I might just surprise myself.

Anonymous said...

robin i love your poem! deb

robin sloboda said...

Hey friend thanks for the encouragment.

I need to write more but capturing the ideas and finding the right words is a dance into a dark land, then looking for a light to connect it.