Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A musing from my deck...

Morning songs rise with the sun
announcing a new day is beginning

along with this new day
second chances...

second chances for:

healing relationships
changing old habits
learning new ones
but most importantly
learning to embrace
the love of God

the decision
and choice
is really all mine...

r. sloboda

At 6:30 on a mid July morning the air warm, the sun starting to wake up, my deck is beautiful and a wonderful sanctuary to experience the presence of God all around. The flowers Murray and I have planted just took off...

we hardly spent much on them, but wow...
have they decided they too love my deck!

I simply love all the colors, and the spirit of life that radiates off of these plants.

Off to work...I love my special friends at the care home.


TS said...

The complement of your poetry with the music you have linked makes for a peaceful meditative experience. Thanks

robin sloboda said...

Thank you Marvin