Saturday, January 13, 2007


Thank you Mom for inspiring me to post again. I will try to continue.

Blizzard of 2007

I have never been through a snow storm as the one that hit on Wednesday. The whole city of Saskatoon shut down. The major told everyone to stay home. Honestly it was wild! I could not see my neighbour's home or the tree in front of the house. The snow fall here is unbelievable. I

had two days inside...It was a holiday I longed for. I laid in bed all day on Thursday and read Leading with a Limp. What a good book. I did feel a bit down after reading it. I saw the weak points in my leadership but for some reason felt the book did not bring me back up to encourage me. Hopefully the second read will bring clarity.

Check out these two youtube clips: First one then white Christmas. They are both incrediable. It was a day to remember.

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