Monday, October 16, 2006

Bill's Song

All week, little reminders of a life that once touched mine kept revealing themselves in the most interesting ways.

Last, night while working at the care home, a co-worker mentioned that Bill's family left all of his CD's for us to use. Bill loved to listen to Floyd Cramer. In a strange way a part of Bill was left at the home through his music.

Bill might be gone but memories of him have not left, they will be treasured in my heart. I have added his favorite song to the midi player so all who listen can share in this great classic music.

The amazing thing about this piece of music is that it was also my grandmothers favorite song. I cared for both of these people who God has now taken home.

As you listen to the music may you remember all the wonderful people God has placed in our life over the years.

robin Lee

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